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S01 and S04 had the most chromatic color initially and lowest AE values after weathering in this study.
Flint Ink, the general partner, bought out the limited partners in 1990, and then they merged Chromatic Color, Drew and Ridgway into CDR.
Aside from the inherent toxic properties they are found in a large number of traditional paints and surface coatings, giving the ability to generate more poppy, chromatic colors.
Flint Ink broke ground on Chromatic Color in November 1980, and the first batch was produced in November 1981.
While green led the chromatic colors for several years, "blue now seems to be the most popular in that family," he said.
The colored flake gives a more chromatic color and allows us to use less pigment to achieve that," said Al Gentz, a color engineer with Nippon Paint Color Design Studio of America in Clinton Township, MI.
Blue, while still the most popular chromatic color in Europe, has been displaced in the top ranking by achromatic neutrals such as silver and gray.
Pelekanos' art is characterised by chromatic colors and a sense of movement.
When using chromatic colors like green and blue, the colors were precisely equated in saturation and brightness levels, explained Niesta.
Across cultures, people tend to classify hundreds of different chromatic colors into eight distinct categories: red, green, yellow or orange, blue, purple, brown, pink, and grue (green or blue), note researchers from Ohio State University, Columbus.
A revival in the appeal of chromatic colors is being forecast to take place over the next few years as people take a greater liking for shades of red, blue and green.
The MC-Series earphones come with a high-gloss polished aluminum finish in a choice of four chromatic colors and include a carrying pouch; a Kevlar-reinforced cable for durability; user-replaceable ACCU*Filter[TM] acoustic dampers, which are not only a part of the ACCU*Chamber driver housing, but also protect the moving coil driver from ear wax; a 2-year warranty; and a selection of eartip options, with the option to upgrade to an Etymotic CUSTOM*FIT earmold (see related press release, also distributed today, with more information about the CUSTOM*FIT earmolds).
While white, black and silver are expected to remain strong, the popularity of true chromatic colors, such as blue and green, are on the rise as consumers and automakers look to more environmental themes and lifestyles.
Micromemo's clean lines and housing have also been customized to fit the contoured shape and eye-catching chromatic colors of Apple's iPod nano.
The popularity of true chromatic colors such as blue and red are on the rise, with blue growing worldwide as consumers look to more environmental themes and lifestyles.