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any salt or ester of chromic acid

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In addition to these new benefits, the CM Bandit continues to feature: American-made gold chromate chain, zinc plating on major components for extra protection against corrosion, and forged upper and lower hooks that are bolted on and swivel for easy inspection and removal.
As of 2015, the company says it is no longer producing any pigments containing lead chromate.
MST was the first chemical company licensed by the United States Department of Defense, United States Navy to commercialize and bring to market TCP-HF, a replacement for the carcinogen Hexavalent Chromate.
This process forms particles with a core made of lead chromate sulfate and a shell of lead sulfate.
There is also a consensus that water quenching or chromate quenching stages impair the paint adhesion, therefore, the literature states that these stages must be avoided.
OBJECTIVES: In this study we investigated the lung injury, inflammation, proliferation, and survival signaling responses after repetitive exposure to particulate chromate.
The result has been to promote a lead and chromate-free primer with comparable performance to reference red lead and zinc chromate primers.
Industrial uses of hexavalent chromium compounds include chromate pigments in dyes, paints, inks, and plastics; chromates added as anticorrosive agents to paints, primers, and other surface coatings; and chromic acid electroplated onto metal parts to provide a decorative or protective coating.
Our treatment method reconverts the oxidised chromate to a non-soluble state, which means it can be left safely in the ground without risk to the environment.
In addition G&W provides controlled shot peening, media blasting, chromate conversion coatings and other surface preparations.
He said that Iran currently ranked 17th in terms of copper production and 8th in terms of barite and chromate production.
Based on these studies, we propose a mechanism for chromate carcinogenesis that is primarily driven by the genomic instability paradigm.
The guards were from a private Afghan security company and were hired by the government to secure a chromate mine in the province's Spera district, provincial spokesman Khaibar Pashtun told Pajhwok Afghan News.
Other subjects covered are erosion and impact wear resistance of thermal sprayed coatings, surface hardened molybdenum alloys for the processing of polymers, the influence of processing parameters on shot coating of graphite powder, and chromate replacement in aluminum corrosion protection coatings.