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chromatic purity: freedom from dilution with white and hence vivid in hue

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Use area of tooth highest in chroma for hue selection.
Chroma will receive a significant but undisclosed cash payment up front and Glax- SmithKline has invested a second undisclosed amount as part of a pounds 15m fundraising announced by Chroma yesterday.
As a result, we found the following: the chroma of aged skin decreases repidly in the specular region, while beautiful skin maintains high chroma even in the specular region.
Chroma Life are specialists in Wall Art including bespoke wallpaper and photographic Acrylic pieces, using some of the finest international modern artists, creating a warm and welcoming environment throughout.
Chroma Glow concentrates reportedly were evaluated by an independent laboratory in LLDPE rotomolded samples and found to glow for over 32 hr.
Under the terms of the agreement, ValiRx will pay Chroma royalties on any
Terry Hunt, School of Jewellery deputy head, said: "The Chroma exhibition not only cements links we've already established with our European counterparts, but also encourages new friendships.
On the other hand, the cylindrical structure of the Munsell system, which has a circular scale for hue and two different linear scales for value and chroma, makes Munsell variables difficult to use in certain numerical analyses.
The scientists recorded color lightness, redness, yellowness, chroma and hue angle.
Altman, a native of Hungary, received an Emmy nomination for his work on the Chroma Key or blue-screen process.
The Chroma/Luma delay compensation advances the chroma by 170ns typically between 400kHz and 3.
The conversion of this six-story office building into legal lofts was completed by the office of chroma AD.
Precious Moments has signed a licensing agreement with Chroma Graphics of Tennessee to produce a line of Precious Moments automotive products featuring artwork created by artist Samuel J.
Continuing in its mission of manufacturing while protecting the global environment, it was announced on March 15 that Chroma Technology Corp.
The two special-option colors, called Chroma Couture and Chroma Flame, were introduced at the 2014?