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Synonyms for christly

resembling or showing the spirit of Christ


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I look forward to working to expand the security and compliance offerings that will help customers become more secure and compliant with various industry regulations and standards," said Christly.
Christly believes it's the potentially devastating threat of POS ransomware.
The five-hospital Memorial Healthcare System has also encrypted all of its laptops, and it is in the process of converting all of its computers to thin clients, according to Christly.
Inside it said, 'Merry Christmas, love John, Christly and children.
Elton Trueblood, a rare modern detector of Christly wit, suggests that Jesus' humour depends on a combination of ideas rather than words.
Brooke, I am twenty-eight years old, and I am five feet eight inches tall, which has always seemed too bloody christly tall to me but there it is, and by judas priest and all the sodden saints in fucking Beulah Land, I am stuck with it and I do not mind like I did once, .
The following Sunday, Maxwell, profoundly moved by the young man's death, entreats his congregation to lead a Christly life for one year, acting according to the principle, "what would Jesus do?
After all, he socializes with those "Two Dainty Negroes in Winnetka" (9), and even as the rioters take him down, he imagines himself a Christly sacrifice, blessing his executioners: "Lord
The translation reads: 'Thus Christ, the son of man when all is said and done is "human" only through his mother--as if Christly or Christian humanism could only be materialism,' (1995 p.
One young woman from the 4x4 crawled out at the base of the giant cliff, crawled for miles looking for me to help her and I'd had a few, I saw her crawling like a turtle in the headlights and stopped, thinking, What in Christly tarnation are these crazy schoolkids up to now?
In Christ now meet both east and west, In him meet south and north; All Christly souls are one in him, Throughout the whole wide earth.
In an obscure French convent in the seventeenth century, Christ appeared to Margaret Mary; amid the obscurities of 'Circe' on June 16, Margaret-Martha appears to Christly Bloom.