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Synonyms for christlike

resembling or showing the spirit of Christ


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10) Rick Love, Grace and Truth: Toward Christlike Relationships with Muslims (Arvada, CO: Peace Catalyst International Publications, 2013).
First, training leaders to be godly and Christlike is the wrong way round.
But I also believe that the church has at most times failed to practice Christlike love and understanding to the LGBTQ individuals and communities in our midst and at our doors.
Jean Lamb's work is wholly orthodox, but paradoxically so, in that her use of fertility religion tropes only serves to bring out more clearly the positivity of life and not its denial in Christlike suffering.
Bo's goodness -- she has a Christlike ability to feel people's pain and heal their suffering -- is established at the start, so there is little mystery to why Winter and others are so determined to keep her safe.
WHEN a true political giant like Nelson Mandela passes away, all we can do is to sit back and admire his almost Christlike capacity for forgiveness.
It exalts adopters into Christlike figures who emulate God's "adoption" of all born-again souls.
Wearing a long, white gown and arms outstretched Christlike Richard, who would rather have time to grieve, demands his cousin "Seize the crown" out of his hands.
Gere follows this description with the comment that Meillassoux's admission about the Christlike quality of his mediator with the observation that ".
Jim McGuinness, who once sported Christlike locks and a goatee beard, admits God didn't gift his county with the same resources as others.
On the other hand, he finds it Christlike to dine with the most pro-abortion president in the history, of this nation";
Bowie plays a Christlike figure, Oldman portrays a priest and Cotillard plays a saint-like character while a Cardinal hands out cash and a nun prays.
Something similar can be said of competition and cooperation, the latter of which superficially appears more Christlike.
Perhaps, so I would to think, there is an aspect of Christlike love in such an attitude, where the seemingly unforgivable is forgiven.
On the other, living an eremitical life was also a way of becoming Christlike.
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