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Synonyms for christlike

resembling or showing the spirit of Christ


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By changing the "wasted" form of Bartleby from a Christlike figure "stretched on a blanket" to a regressive fetal position, Melville shifts the emphasis from the actual tragedy to the narrator's reaction to it.
It is possible only through the participation of Orthodox believers in the life of the church in their struggle to live a Christlike life.
49) Some measure of harmony with nature is possible in this life if only for the most Christlike of saints.
Nineteen ways to say choosing to live toward this Christlike love is better than behaving like first-century Corinthians (or 21st century Presbyterians?
Christianity demands a humble, Christlike king; piety must reign over the ruler.
Selflessness and surrender, Christlike martyrdoms in imitation of Jesus' suffering for and with others, only reinforce the cycle of abuse and are far from redemptive.
However, until that great and wonderful day arrives, thank God for this Christlike militant compassion of Judi Hewitt; because all that is necessary for evil to prevail is that 'good' folk remain silent and do nothing.
If she wants to critique a self-indulgently nihilistic masculinity, there's too much libidinal hero worship in the piece's dramatic rhythms (the final shot, for example, shows the artist crowd-surfing, Christlike, as the sound track intones, "You feel free").
Surely that demands a holy and Christlike life, a life in which others can see a true reflection of Christ.
There are, I believe, better, less offensive, and more Christlike ways to witness, and some were specified three-quarters of a century ago by the well-known Hindu leader, Mohandas Gandhi (1869-1948).
It shows him in a Christlike pose across the bottom half of a bikini- clad beauty.
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