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Collecting memories of visual experiences might seem idiosyncratic, but Chow sees it this way: 'Someone once said collecting is courage, knowledge, money and eye.
While he admits that 'To me, function is still god,' Chow is also a sensualist.
While Chow might approach every aspect of his life as an art project, living in a city in which everyone from actors to dog groomers gets called an 'artist', he is definitive about what is and is not art.
When you're good at something, you get rid of it,' says Chow.
The Chows ended up paying Zimny $4,000 per month per son, on top of tuition and room fees for their oldest son at boarding school and home stay expenses for their younger child.
In 2010 the Chows requested their money back from Zimny.
If you think New York parents are neurotic about getting their kids into Harvard, try talking to Gerald and Lily Chow, the Hong Kong couple who just spent $2.
The suit reads, "Gerald and Lily Chow have sought the best educational opportunities for their children.
In the area of human capital formation, Chow recommends making it easier for academics to travel abroad, ending local governments' monopoly on the supply of healthcare, and increasing the mobility of labor by reforming the hukou (internal passport) system.
In discussing China's economic development since 1989, Chow notes the critical role of human capital and market institutions, and the fact that China could "leapfrog" by adopting advanced Western technology--made possible by opening trade and investment channels and allowing nonstate enterprises (including joint ventures) to prosper.
Chow also presents evidence that the Chinese recognized the idea of spontaneous order and the role of markets long before Adam Smith wrote the Wealth of Nations in 1776.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention compiled a list of dogs most likely to bite: pit bulls, Rottweilers, German shepherds, huskies, Alaskan malamutes, Doberman pinschers, chow chows, Great Danes, St.
Chow added, "I'm excited to be taking on The Green Hornet -- obviously, I've been a huge fan of the show since I was a kid.
Stephen Chow, Asia's number one comedy star and one of the region's most beloved entertainers, has directed five feature films, most recently CJ7.
Chow made his directorial debut with God of Cookery in 1996, followed by King of Comedy in 1999, both of which he also wrote and starred in.