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chopped pickles in mustard sauce

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a Chinese preserve of mixed fruits and ginger

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Brew Pub Sandwiches - kiosks serving sandwiches made of a fresh baked Kaiser roll layered with hand carved roast beef with pimento cheese or turkey with cheddar cheese and a green tomato chowchow
Chowchow Club of Scotland Championship Show, Penicuik, Midlothian.
Our beloved ChowChow Gaga Chanel was admitted at the Dr Nonie Cotts Clinic and kept an isolation, but he fought for his life everyday.
The best feature of this collection is the wide variety of recipes that come as a revelation to those not raised in the South, ranging from Candied Bacon (served with breakfast or brunch) to Chowchow, a relish typically eaten with cabbage that you'd be hard-pressed to find served north of the Mason-Dixon Line.
Knowing When to Stop" is the dialogue between the Princess Marie Bonaparte and a veterinarian about what to do with Sigmund Freud's chowchows after his death.