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breed of medium-sized dogs with a thick coat and fluffy curled tails and distinctive blue-black tongues


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In retirement he remarried briefly and, though a practiced curmudgeon, went on enjoying the good things in life, including dogs (especially his chow-chow Kyla); strong coffee; Star Trek (all of them, except maybe DS9) ; mystery books; moccasins; Emily Dickinson; the Red Sox; British history; photography; the Metaphysical Poets; music; single malt scotch; tobacco; the ocean on the Lower Cape; fried crustaceans; and his daughters.
Focusing only on sudden increases in aggression, the researchers studied 12 dogs (Giant schnauzer, Irish setter, Pit-bull, Dalmatian, two German shepherds, Neapolitan Mastiff, Shih-tzu, Bobtail, Catalan Sheepdog, Chow-chow and Doberman) that were brought to the university's veterinary hospital by their owners in 2010 and 2011.
Open yams and chow-chow vegetables were stored in boxes with mouse droppings, red peanuts and flaked almonds had been gnawed by mice and there were some mouse droppings in boxes containing broken pieces of chocolates.
For Wayne Rooney's fiancee Coleen McLoughlin, who owns an pounds 800 pedigree chow-chow called Fizz, it's another reason to hit the shops.
And that's why Fizz the pedigree chow-chow is a top dog in the celebrity fashion stakes.
The afternoon saw us at a chow-chow club event, to which the Man-in-Charge had been invited.