chow line

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a queue of people waiting for food to be served (especially at a military camp)

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He stopped to get in the chow line and left the connected hose lying on the deck.
Hunters do well to find the feed and follow the chow line.
To assess the effect on our combat strength, I instituted a diarrhea checkpoint in the chow line.
You mean more to us than being able to go through the chow line twice.
Some of the obvious include getting in the chow line for a delicious meal, doing laundry, or perhaps enjoying some quiet time reading a book or listening to music.
Stretches of beach close to inlets tend to be best due to bait making brief stopovers there, and inlet dwellers do come out and range along the sand to intercept the chow line.
Getting to make a few new native friends and seeing the smiles in the chow line help to break the ice.