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any people believing themselves to be chosen by God

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Gandhi also said the people of the country have to choose between two ideologies-one which looks after the poor or the other which only works for the benefit of some chosen people.
If Jesus is white, then God is white, and white Christians are God's chosen people.
Rewriting the Old Testament in Anglo-Saxon Verse: Becoming the Chosen People
Chaudhry Nisar said police and other security agencies would be used to protect people rather than some chosen people.
The figure of Moses helps show how whites viewed themselves as a chosen people, and how Africans and Afro-Americans changed story lines to suit their experiences and needs.
Messiah in the Passover will be conducted by Greg Savitt of Chosen People Ministries.
The Holy Bible is a history book of God the Father's dealings with the chosen people, namely the Israelities.
More than 300 chosen people are needed to help welcome visitors to the city for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Looking at the past students of the Tanakh, challenging the status of Israelites of the Chosen people, the failures of Moses, his views may prove controversial, but they are endlessly fascinating and provide much food for thought.
American evangelical radio pastor Harold Camping had predicted the Rapture - the time when God's chosen people ascend to heaven and the rest of us burn in hell.
He told listeners: "Our thoughts turn back to a moment in history when God's chosen people, the children of Israel, were waiting in intense expectation.
Or are they even truly God's chosen people, and are acting on an anthropomorphized divinity by which they get to claim their own fundamentals, however contrary to either humane or divine love and compassion they may be?
In 1973 he left the employment of the American Board of Missions to the Jews (now called Chosen People Ministries) to incorporate the separate mission.
He equivocates on the significance of Gen 3:15, but concludes that the seed of the woman is the line of chosen people whom God will bless (this is by no means Self-evident) and that ultimately this line does lead to Christ.
They know that, if Kraft did get hold of the greatest confectioner in the world, they would sack many of the workforce and bring in their own carefully chosen people, who would be lower paid and more compliant than the British staff.