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Synthetic drugs appear to be more of a threat in the US Northeast, as 22% of the respondents that chose synthetic drugs as the most dangerous drugs for American youth identified themselves as coming from the US Northeast.
You can register a domain name and begin working on a Web site now, or chose to register now and create your site later.
Armentano chose a more relaxed, minimalist interior design, featuring rooms with wooden floors and sandy-white walls, since the exterior was already rich in architectural design.
Previously mated females again tended to select the loser of the males' pecking competition, but virgins chose the winner.
I'm glad I chose Marsha Dynes because of her commitment to the high standards expected of a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, Mrs.
In response to the question "which lane do you think is the fastest for the 200-meter dash (1,4,or 8)," 12 of the 16 respondents chose Lane 4.
If the employer permits employees only to chose among tax-free benefits, the requirements of section 125, including the 25% concentration test, do not apply, and the company may offer fringe benefits, longterm care insurance, MSA contributions and other tax-free choices.
I chose not to go, only because it was sixteen thousand dollars per year, and also because it was far from home, in Oklahoma.
I chose a local company instead of giving it to a company from out of state to keep local dollars at work with local businesses.
Some of the candidates I chose had questionable backgrounds, but I was confident that my choices shared my political vision of the future and were the best qualified to make it a reality.
At our facility, we chose Data Med Clinical Support Services for our clinical computer system.
But God chose Israel, a wandering people in search of a homeland; God chose Moses, who couldn't speak clearly; God chose David, a conniving adulterer; God chose a manger in Bethlehem, a band of ignorant, smelly fishermen, with a tax collector thrown in for good measure; God chose a bloody cross on a hill outside the city as the ultimate "Means of Grace.
Our country's Founders chose the Electoral College system--rather than election by a direct popular vote--so that the President would be chosen in a calm, intelligent manner.