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Synonyms for chorus

Synonyms for chorus

any utterance produced simultaneously by a group

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a group of people assembled to sing together

the part of a song where a soloist is joined by a group of singers

a body of dancers or singers who perform together

a company of actors who comment (by speaking or singing in unison) on the action in a classical Greek play

utter in unison

sing in a choir


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References in classic literature ?
Now then, chorus - it is the last two lines repeated, you know.
The chorus necessitated some grotesque waddlings supposed to be an imitation of a plantation darkey, under the influence, probably, of music and the moon.
And once more the chorus of voices went on with 'The man that drives the engine.
The voices didn't join in this time, as she hadn't spoken, but to her great surprise, they all THOUGHT in chorus (I hope you understand what THINKING IN CHORUS means--for I must confess that I don't), 'Better say nothing at all.
In Cypher's she belonged--in the bacon smoke, the cabbage perfume, the grand, Wagnerian chorus of hurled ironstone china and rattling casters.
was always the right answer to this gentleman, the chorus of NO was very strong.
The representatives of the Barnacle Chorus dropped in next, and Mr Merdle's physician dropped in next.
He was also glad to see Mr Merdle, glad to see Bishop, glad to see Bar, glad to see Physician, glad to see Tite Barnacle, glad to see Chorus, glad to see Ferdinand his private secretary.
The Chorus were excessively nervous, perhaps as labouring under the dreadful apprehension that some good thing was going to be diverted from them
Shrill chorus (with some contempt for the ease of the question):
Under the direction of Lori Lyford, the five-time Sweet Adelines International Chorus Champion was chartered in 1962.
28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Gay Men's Chorus of South Florida has announced it will launch a nation-wide search for a new Artistic Director in September.
The CBSO Chorus members will participate in the project as part of the 2015 Dual Year of the UK and Mexico, a year-long celebration of cultural, educational and business exchange between the two nations.
Conducted by Welsh National Opera (WNO) Chorus Master Alexander Martin and with piano accompaniment, the 40-strong Chorus will perform music by Brahms and Schubert.
The chorus' award was collected at London's Savoy Theatre by chorus manager Rebecca Donkin and chorus members Fiona Harrison, Claire Hampton and Michael Clifton-Thompson.