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To vote for Jason Cook as Best Compere, and either Middlesbrough Town Hall or Stockton ARC as Best Venue in the Chortle Awards, visit www.
The winners will be announced at the Chortle Awards in London on March 22.
Steve Bennett, editor of the Chortle website and judge, said: "It went down very well - there were huge cheers when he won.
Chortle was first used by Lewis Carroll in his 1865 children's classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
FORMER Chortle Student Comedian of the Year Nathan Caton is the headline act at this month's Comedy Cellar.
Somewhere up in the sky, I heard an angel chortle, or was it just a trick of the imagination?
Steve Bennett, of comedy website Chortle, said: "It's almost impossible to come up with a definitive list because they are all so different and people's tastes vary so much.
CHORTLE Like bromance, this word is union of two others.
The theatre audience laps it up and millions at home will chortle at the antics of sorry individuals.
The club, which brings some of the best comics on the UK comedy circuit to Stockton on the last Friday of each month, has been nominated as Best Comedy Club in the North in the national Chortle Annual Comedy Awards.
SO, Maureen Messent thinks we should all chortle with joy at the continuing joke called John Sergeant who manages to get progressively worse as the weeks go by on Strictly Come Dancing.
While this must have given Tessa Jowell and her colleagues at the Ministry of Culture a chortle, it doesn't bode well for the BBC's new pledge to be the superior public broadcaster and deserving of the licence fee.
That wasn't all - for as part of the contract, Paul now has to chortle if City are relegated and join the Manchester United FC Supporters' Association
Up and coming young comedian Joe Lycett was winner of both Chortle Student Comedian of the Year and Bath Comedy Festival New Act of the Year in 2009.