choroidal artery

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an artery that supplies the choroid plexus

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And, it can expose ipsilateral tractus opticus, internal carotid artery, posterior communicating artery, anterior choroidal artery, thalamus arteriae perforantes, posterior cerebral artery, and pituitary stalk.
A 61-year-old male presented with 2 unruptured aneurysms in the right anterior circulation (Table 1, Figures 1 and 4): one at the bifurcation of the left ICA and anterior choroidal artery (AN7) and one at the bifurcation of the MCA (AN8).
Digital subtraction cerebral angiography (DSA) showed multiple vascular lesions, including an obvious saccular aneurysm on the left anterior choroidal artery.
On angiography they appear as a non-specific avascular mass or rarely may show a blush, enlarged, prominent posterior choroidal artery with draining vein.
DSA also demonstrated the classical 'jet phenomenon' as contrast flowed into the VGAM through the left medial posterior choroidal artery (Fig.