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a spicy Spanish pork sausage

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The chorizos I had come across before had been red, whether they were the firm, cured kind from Spain rust-tinted with paprika or the floppy fresh Mexican kind flavoured and coloured with ancho chilies.
Chorizo sausage can be many things, but I did not realise that one of them was green.
Stupak makes his green chorizo in-house with ground meat (the fattier the cut, the better), and it's easy to replicate at home.
But even if they do get slightly blacker than you had hoped, you can still use the chilies for the chorizo, and it will still taste fantastic.
When you have your green chorizo ready to go, saut` it until golden at the edges, then use it as you would any spicy fresh sausage: in tacos, with pasta, with vegetables or as a base for a chili-like bean stew.
Mix the chorizo with your (preferably gloved) hands until thoroughly combined.
1/2 batch (12 ounces) homemade green chorizo (see recipe), or use another spicy fresh sausage
Since it's usually used in bulk, chorizo is an easy sausage to make in a food processor.
Chorizo will keep in refrigerator 3 days, or in the freezer 2 months.
Choose the very best chorizos because the really cheap ones tend to be tough and full of fat.
Blanch the chorizo in a pan of boiling water for two minutes, then drain and refresh under cold running water.
Add the chorizo and cook for another few minutes, so the paprika oil comes out of the sausage and turns the onions a lovely reddy-brown colour.
Nielson report, Reynaldo's continues to dominate its competition with its number one product, chorizo (Mexican Sausage).
Chorizo is also becoming a cross-over product for Reynaldo's.