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a tumor consisting of a mixture of tissues not normally found at that site

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A choristoma is a proliferation of histologically normal tissue occurring at an abnormal site.
It has been proposed that choristoma of the middle ear could be part of a syndrome characterized by embryonic developmental anomalies, as suggested by its frequent association with ossicular chain, facial nerve, and second branchial arch anomalies.
Key Words: Linear nevus sebaceus syndrome, choristoma, epilepsy, hemimegalencephaly
Park JM, Kim DS, Kim J, Lee MG, Oh SH: Epibulbar complex choristoma and hemimegalencephaly in linear sebaceous naevus syndrome.
We report a case of glial choristoma of the middle ear, and we review the literature on the nature and management of this lesion in this location.
After correlating the radiologic and operative findings and obtaining surgical confirmation of the absence of a cranial connection, we diagnosed the lesion as a middle ear glial choristoma.
Neuromuscular choristoma (NMC)--also called neuromuscular hamartoma/rhabdomyoma or benign triton tumor--is an uncommon tumor that usually involves a large nerve trunk.
Demonstration of glial fibrillary acidic (GFA) protein by electron immunocytochemistry in the granular cells of a choristoma of the neurohypophysis.
Inclusion of a number of newer entities, such as inflammatory pseudo-tumor of the peripheral nerves, palisaded encapsulated neuroma, neuromuscular choristoma, and Pacinian neuromas adds to the completeness of the peripheral nerve lesions that may present as "tumors.
The differential diagnoses of such a mass include nasal glial heterotopia (nasal glioma), nasal dermoid cyst, encephalocele, hamartoma, choristoma, hairy polyp, and fetal rhabdomyoma.
Choristomas, (112) hamartomas (113,114) (Figure 11, A through D), and cutaneous nonmelanocytic nevi (27-29) are members of the first of those categories and are classified as flaws of morphogenesis.
In summary, myelolipomas probably represent hormonally induced choristomas derived from primitive mesenchymal elements.
Although granular cell tumors (also referred to as choristomas and granular cell myoblastomas) and pituicytomas are low grade and may have a shared histogenesis, they represent 2 distinct lesions pathologically, and we prefer reserving the designation pituicytoma for low-grade spindled lesions.
colobomas, choristomas, and ectopic lacrimal gland tissue), cardiovascular anomalies (e.