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the outermost membranous sac enclosing the embryo in higher vertebrates (reptiles, birds and mammals)

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This study examined biochemical and physical changes in the chorion of the California grunion before and after fertilization and after normal incubation [10 days post-fertilization (dpf)] and extended incubation (28 dpf).
Previous research from Murtha and her colleagues demonstrated that the chorion has more cell death when infection is present, and that this cell layer may be thinner in women who experience PPROM.
All eclosing nymphs emerged completely from the chorion with no partial emergence observed.
He said: "I have entered a two-year licence agreement with copyright holders Chorion in order to redraw Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit images from 23 books into a format that visually impaired people can access.
Chorion said the little wooden boy, created by Enid Blyton in 1949, will expand into Spain and Canada as the firm boosts the character's global merchandising.
Chorion have the rights to the literary estates of crime authors Agatha Christie and Raymond Chandler, as well as the children's favourites.
Nicholas James - chief executive of Chorion, which owns the rights to the characters - said, 'We are delighted to be working with Five to bring yet another brand with a huge British literary heritage to new audiences.
Chorion is pleased to announce the growth of its creative team operating out of Chorion's US subsidiary, Chorion Silver Lining.
Bob the Builder missed out on hiring the Mr Men today after his owner pulled out of making a takeover offer for children's entertainment group Chorion.
The egg chorion surface showed a chorionic pattern resulting in irregular hexagonal patterns There were 18-19 short pipe micropylar projections mounted at the anterior pole.
Entertainment rights group Chorion said it had agreed a deal with Japanese intellectual property firm OLC/Rights Entertainment Japan to distribute its Make Way for Noddy TV series to three major Japanese TV networks.
Chorion, the firm giving the characters a fresh lease of life, is also behind the computer-generated Make Way For Noddy series now showing every morning on Channel 5.
Sperm enters the egg through the micropyle, a small opening in the chorion.
Today Five said it had agreed a three-year partnership with Chorion, the owners of the rights to the Blyton books, to turn some of the author's other classic works into TV programmes.
Therefore, it contains both a maternal portion which consists of the uterine endometrium, and a fetal component, the chorion.