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the representation of dancing by symbols as music is represented by notes

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a notation used by choreographers

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The event was held in the framework of the first international contest of Kyrgyz national dances to revive the dances, preserve and develop folk dance traditions, as well as to promote achievements of amateur choreographic art.
The goal of Ballet BC's Choreographic Workshop, held about five times a year, is twofold: to help young dancers not only learn how to approach and get a diverse perspective of choreography, but to also "build the confidence to experiment, trust and take the risks needed to get their own ideas out," says Molnar.
Kinetic manifestations acquire a symbolic character (thirdness) as a kind of mediating thought, conscience, law and that includes various codes such as choreographic ones (see Peirce 244-45).
Choreographic composition shares with many ethnomusicological topics a primarily unnotated tradition that relies on a rote kinesthetic Wansmissiou, preserved through generations of culture bearers.
She also engages living dance stars (the likes of Merce Cunningham) in wickedly wry discussions, including choreographic tips for the underlings.
An important element in the creation of patterns in both the choreographic practice and in garden design of Renaissance Europe is that in order to be fully appreciated patterns were meant to be viewed from above.
Perhaps most significantly, Fosse's sultry, insinuating choreographic style, and the often cynical material that attracted him, seems suddenly in step with the times.
Its repertoire consisted of excerpts from classical ballets and choreographic miniatures produced by such choreographers as Vinogradov, Goleisovsky, Messerer, and Moiseyev himself.
While A Choreographic Mind is, in itself, the product of Rethorst's journey away from silence, toward a rigorous articulation of how and why she does what she does, it makes a powerful case against the need to define, in words, a dance's function or meaning while in the process of making it.
Radical Graham," a selection of 14 works from Martha Graham's more than 70-year choreographic career presented over ten days, provided a savvy kickoff to the 1994 season of BAM's Next Wave Festival.
On January 31, ballet dancer of the German Theater and choreographer of the Cirque du Soleil Christian Ratevosyan will hold a master class at the Bishkek Choreographic School, the press service of the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism reported.
In September, just as the weather in New York turned chilly, Noemie Lafrance's site-specific, Agora II: A choreographic game for one thousand bodies, opened at McCarren Park Pool in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.
Although the three musical pieces were created at different times in Mozart's career, Morris' choreographic ideas flowed from one dance to the next, subtly reconfigured so that together the dances were more than their exquisitely detailed parts.
He served as the director of Step Ahead, BF's choreographic workshop, for five years.
Using fluid camerawork, unobtrusive technical design, and multimedia elements, Saura again renders cinema as a choreographic venue, capturing the stylized vocabulary of flamenco with particular flair.