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He was administered haloperidol 2 x 5 mg for chorea and then switched to olanzapine 2 x 5 mg because of ineffectiveness and extrapyramidal side effects (parkinsonism).
Keywords: Sydenham's chorea, acute rheumatic fever, streptococcal tonsillopharyngitis, child
McCune noted that when the Michigan Lupus Epidemiology and Surveillance Program (MiLES) was established close to a decade ago, investigators chose to track only a subset of the 19 neuropsychiatric syndromes on the ACR list: seizure disorders, cerebrovascular accidents, psychosis, mononeuropathy, aseptic meningitis, acute transverse myelitis, chorea, and cranial neuropathy.
Some have drawn comparisons with a form of motion seen in sufferers of chorea, a neurological disorder characterized by irregular contractions that appear to flow from one muscle to the next.
It is well documented that GABA deficiency is associated with several important neurological disorders such as Huntington's chorea, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease and other psychiatric disorders, like anxiety, depression, pain, panic, or mania.
It is also typical for the etiology of tremor disorders to be confused between Parkinson's, essential tremor, dystonic tremor or chorea.
An inquest in Birmingham heard that Mr Blackett, who worked as a claims organiser and was a keen grand prix fan, suffered from Huntington's Chorea, a degenerative disease of the nerve cells.
At a gala day at Clairville Stadium, Middlesbrough, in May 1982 staff raised pounds 1,000 for the Cleveland branch of the Association to Combat Huntington's Chorea.
They cover those associated with Parkinson's disease, chorea, tremor, ataxic syndromes, Huntington's disease, multiple system atrophy, Wilson's disease, and dystonia, for example.
First Approved Treatment for Chorea Associated With Huntington's Disease
licensing rights to Xenazine, a drug that treats chorea, a disorder associated with Huntington's disease that causes involuntary muscle movement.
The Food and Drug Administration has approved tetrabenazine for treating chorea in patients with Huntington's disease.
A good history is usually enough to distinguish tics from other movement disorders such as chorea, myoclonus and stereotypies.