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Synonyms for chord

a straight line connecting two points on a curve

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a combination of three or more notes that blend harmoniously when sounded together

play chords on (a string instrument)

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bring into consonance, harmony, or accord while making music or singing

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There was drive and vivacity, right from the fortissimo chordal opening through a piece which simply exuded life right through the brief movement.
In complex MR, chordal replacement with Gore-tex cords, leaflet resection with sliding or folding annuloplasty, or commissurotomy was performed considering the status of the mitral pathology.
Therefore Gore-Tex" sutures, which have been shown to be ideal for chordal replacement as their strength and elasticity is similar to that of native mitral valve chordae, were used to establish normal anatomy of the AMVL.
Coefficient ASTL equals 1,0 when chordal error equals 0,
The notion of signed-eliminable graphs is a generalization of chordal graphs to signed graphs, and the above result is also a signed-graphic generalization of Stanley's well-known result (Stanley (1972)) on a characterization of free graphic arrangements in terms of chordal graphs.
The winds, too, played with sensitivity, bringing carefully modulated intensity to the slow-moving, and at moments deliciously dissonant, chordal lines that underpin those wonderful sequential string passages.
The companies of the Cazzuola, Diamante, and Broncone on the other hand, cultivated a different Florentine musical tradition, that of the public performance of carnival songs scored for a quartet of singers in chordal texture.
Since chordal knowledge is absolutely fundamental to fake book playing, Berger includes an illustration and explanation of "the circle of fifths," an indispensable visual tool for navigating the relationships between the chords usually found together in one song.
The stern chordal sequences do however predict the brutal and rugged landscape of his own symphonies.
Some of those rockers were never given chordal training because there aren't a lot of chords in rock 'n' roll.
I went there without any words, without any chordal structures, anything.
John Lewis is a guitarist able to take on the Stephane Grapelli role, with Matt Sullivan on lead guitar and Tec Ward providing the essential chordal rhythms, although all three players are accomplished guitar soloists.
The hymns of TLH contained simple four-part chordal settings that were largely indistinguishable from one another; their note-against-note character meant that they could easily be sung in parts by the congregation, but they almost never were.
Corrugator roll depth gauge: After zeroing and using appropriate gauge blocks for calibration, this instrument measures the chordal flute depth of the corrugating rolls.
2mm Mini-pitch produces low chordal action that makes for smoother operation and gentler product handling.