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Synonyms for chord

a straight line connecting two points on a curve

Related Words

a combination of three or more notes that blend harmoniously when sounded together

play chords on (a string instrument)

Related Words

bring into consonance, harmony, or accord while making music or singing

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Laurie Mentiplay, Associate Director in Environmental Assessment, Management and Town Planning said: Over the past six years, the WSP team has helped Network Rail successfully steer the Ordsall Chord through an extremely complex and challenging planning process.
Even my students who had been playing scales and chords for years were challenged with Sowash's "scaling the chords" exercise where the student plays primary chords in the left hand while playing the scale up and down with some twists and turns in the right hand.
Chord Electronics has launched Mojo, a British-built headphone amplifier and DAC in India.
Next we try major and minor pentatonic scales on each chord of the twelve-bar blues progression.
Mr Perry, senior associate, real estate, said: "Our work with longstanding client Chord demonstrates the strength and depth of our teams here in Birmingham and underscores our expertise in development, planning, tax and construction work in this region.
Try shifting the chords around within these, or messing with this structure altogether.
As a celebration of its 20th anniversary in the musician assistance business, Ron Greene is providing the musical instrument player with a Free 'Musicians Note and Chord Guide' booklet (pdf downloadable), which includes; Key Signatures and the Circles of Fifths, how to play chords in accompaniment, playing chord extensions, melody and lead notes, scale references, and much more.
Tim Robinson, director of freight at Network Rail, said: "Britain relies on rail freight and this scheme is crucial because Nuneaton North Chord is a key part of our plans to improve freight capacity on the railway.
Section B begins with a low drone in horn 4, over which the other horns play--muted--a smooth, soft, repeating four bar chord progression.
A MATHEMATICIAN believes he may have solved the mystery of the opening chord to Beatles hit A Hard Day's Night.
Summary: Stars of Glee, Mark Salling and Chord Overstreet, have a similar criteria when it comes to choosing a girlfriend.
These linear traverse lines intersect the volumetric air voids on the face of the concrete sample, and the length of each chord between the sides of an intersected air void is measured.
The problem with teaching a student the chord scale relationships is that these scales describe a set of pitches that fit within a given chord, but do not show the functions of harmony and basic voice leading.
PROPERTY developer Chord Deeley has appointed Birmingham-based demolition contractor DSM to carry out clearance works at its St George's site in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter.
The teacher starts by playing the three-note C major chord on a piano, and the child is instructed to raise a red flag.