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a stately Protestant (especially Lutheran) hymn tune


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The Manchester Consort will be chorally trained by its co-founder and principal conductor Gregory Batsleer.
In relation to the teachers' and students' roles in class, the study showed that the teacher was the person who organized and controlled the class, while the students repeated individually or chorally after the teacher.
Aida made a much more welcome return after almost a quarter-century's absence, with Derek Bate ably sharing baton duties with company Music Director Johannes Debus (the latterleading the opera for the first time) and Sandra Horst's fine chorus rising to the challenge of one of Verdi's most chorally powerful operas.
Teachers using the second style, didacticinteractive, allowed children to chorally respond to rhyming or repetitive text or answer lower level recall and comprehension questions.
Several heartfelt songs capture the hormonal rush of young men away from home, and are most thrilling when, chorally, they articulate their hopes, fears, insecurities and dreams ("We won't let them / We must vow / Starting now/Somehow we'll find a way to make the dreams / We dream today come true").
Ciabattoni relates that "musicless utterance" to the Miserere chorally sung by the penitent souls in Purg.
When students read chorally, they may choose to brainstorm different ways to act out or pantomime the actions in the reading.
Solo Cantatas 88 and 170 appear between the two larger and more chorally centered cantatas of Johann Ludwig Bach.
Choral expert Suzi Digby felt that it was chorally their best performance yet, but that some how they didn't quite "light the fire".
2--Brutus' domestic scene with Portia played against Caesar's with Calphurnia, while the conspirators chanted chorally, "it must be by his death," echoing Brutus's early speech from 2.
The teacher read each word and definition while students echoed chorally.
Depending on the skill level of your class, you may read chorally, in pairs, or individually.
Students can read them chorally using any of the strategies that follow.
For example, students can be asked to chorally read word lists, sentences, and/or paragraphs with their reading group members and/or the teacher.