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a stately Protestant (especially Lutheran) hymn tune


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The Elgin Master Chorale has a new ensemble -- the EMC Children's Chorus.
Last year's winners were: Adamson University Chorale, grand winner; University of the East Chorale, 1st Runner Up; and San Sebastian Chamber Singers, 2nd Runner Up.
at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 5005 Lawson Avenue in Gulfport, will be the first time the Chorale has traveled to Gulfport for a concert since 2003.
She said the winning musical pieces sung by LNHS chorale group were 'Cantane Domino' by Josu Elberdin, 'Ayug Ti Aminan' by Fidel G.
Although these works contain many of the musical styles associated with the Neumeister-type sacred cantata, and were performed interchangeably with that kind of concerted music in church services, Poetzsch is careful to identify these five works as chorale arrangements (Choralbearbeitungen), since the composer sets every verse of the hymns, and their chorale melodies are consistently featured as a cantus firmus in each movement.
This year marks the 14th annual Williams Chorale Bacardi Fallon Performing Arts Scholarship Competition for voice or instrumental students.
Voice and voices alike will make up two sorts of "arrivederci" concerts by the WSU Chorale prior to its upcoming tour of Italy.
The chorale, made up of 21 classically trained vocalists under the direction of Brainerd Blyden-Taylor, is dedicated to Afrocentric music of all styles, including classical, spiritual, gospel, jazz, folk and blues.
Ac ar ol gweld y paratoi, mi gawn ninnau wedyn fwynhau'r gyngerdd - Cyngerdd Cor Glanaethwy a'r Gondwana Chorale - sy'n cael ei chyflwyno gan y tenor Wyn Davies, aelod blaenllaw o'r cor meibion Only Men Aloud.
Des tests seraient faits a tous les desireux qui se presenteraient pour rejoindre la nouvelle chorale.
Festival favourites The Spooky Men's Chorale are back in the UK for the sort of rip-roaring tour that perhaps only a bunch of Australians could do.
THERE'S spooky goings on in Durham this month when The Spooky Men's Chorale pays a trip to the Gala Theatre.
An additional seven cantatas have no chorale ending (Table 1).
WOODLAND HILLS -- Wearing appropriate disguises to get them in the mood, members of the Temple Kol Tikvah Chorale will raise their voices tonight during a Purim shpiel based on the 19th century operettas of Gilbert and Sullivan.
One of Chouinard's accomplishments is creating works, such as Chorale and 24 Preludes by Chopin, in which her dancers, though similarly costumed, shine through as individuals.