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one of a pair of slender sticks used as oriental tableware to eat food with

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Feed your bamboo or chopstick through it until it pokes against the container's back, and then poke a hole on that side as well.
During the past 6 months, over 1,000 pairs of chopsticks have been produced with various Chopstick Master prototypes.
Another Chopstick Story is a humorous approach to the story of Madame Butterfly by choreographers/ dancers Misato Inoue and Felix Dumeril.
The government hasn't released statistics on disposable chopstick consumption, but some estimate that 45 billion pairs are tossed out each year, according to China Daily.
Lingerie maker Triumph International Japan unveiled its new bra in which the cups holster a pair of collapsible chopsticks, which are pulled out before a meal, according to the London Sunday Independent.
Some people believe that a 5 percent chopstick tax will do little to quash China's hunger for the disposable sticks.
Atlantic Foods are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Harvest Chicken Range--Sweet Chilli Chopstick Chicken.
Typhoon introduced sets of ceramic rice bowls, and bamboo chopsticks and ceramic chopstick rests in pastels.
A clever ornithopter requires cereal box, paper towel tube, toothpicks, and chopstick.
For example, folded paper acorns in orange and brown decorated a set of chopstick holders given to me in a single package.
But today, the disposable wooden chopstick, mass-produced from white birch, poplar, or bamboo, reigns supreme.
Public prosecutors sought one year in prison Monday for a doctor accused of negligence for failing to prevent the death of a 4-year-old boy whose brain was pierced by a chopstick after he fell over while eating cotton candy in 1999.
Food products currently imported include Thai fragrant rice and chicken, while non-food items--many handcrafted in Thai villages--include clothing, photo frames and albums, water pistols, plastic: ware, table placemat sets with chopsticks and chopstick stands.
So the self-described "chopstick-challenged" Krieger took it upon himself to create an easy-to-use, one-piece utensil that would take chopsticks out of his hands -- forever.