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a wooden board where meats or vegetables can be cut

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MERSEYSIDE TEA CUPS, LE BIZZ STEVEN Ramsay loves Merseyside so much that he's got the mug, the tea-towel, the coaster and the chopping board.
For most of us mere mortals, it's get your chopping board out, roll your sleeves up and get your hands dirty
Heart-shaped wooden chopping board, PS4, Wilkinson Heart-shaped wooden chopping board, PS4, Wilkinson | YOU can make a pale blue kitchen as dreamy or dramatic as you like.
CHOPPING BOARDS Joseph Joseph silver index advance chopping boards, Debenhams, PS56
Made of dishwasher-safe polypropylene, these chopping boards are a 'must have' piece for every kitchen.
A JOBLESS plasterer has found himself at the helm of an unlikely new business empire - after his chopping board fell apart.
Designed to give budding chefs the confidence to be creative in their cooking, the celebrity chef's collection includes scratch-resistant mixing bowls in marvellous matte melamine, gorgeously chunky bamboo chopping boards and knife blocks as well as knock-out kitchen and BBQ utensils.
A CURRY house has been hit with a massive pounds 30,000 bill after inspectors found chopping boards kept on the floor and surfaces caked in grease and mould.
From scratch resistant mixing bowls, chunky bamboo chopping boards and knife blocks, the range has everything a keen chef could possibly desire.
CHOPPING boards can be a breeding ground for germs unless you're incredibly conscientious about cleaning them.
TALKING jugs, kitchen scales and brightly coloured chopping boards.
Event organiser Clint Slater, who owns the shop, has already raised pounds 600 for the organisation through the sale of raffle tickets and granite chopping boards donated to him by a friend.
Staff from local Sainsbury's stores handed out free cooking kits including aprons, utensils and chopping boards for this month's Make the Difference drive.
And 56 per cent did not always use different utensils such as chopping boards for raw and cooked food.
Internationally respected companies are already using Microban[R] in products such as Wellington boots, food containers, chopping boards, knives and many others.