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a wooden board where meats or vegetables can be cut

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To make the fritters, dust the chopping board with some more flour and roll the meat into golf-ball sized balls and press flat into cakes.
Davies also hit the teenager with a chopping board on the head and attacked a girl who used the F-word as she lay on a bed, she said.
BRIGHT, lively, hygienic and stylish, this innovative set of four chopping boards is the solution to food preparation safety.
When a chopping board split in his dishwasher, he made his own - and Ambri Boards, named for daughters Amber and Brid, was born.
Have a separate chopping board for meat and vegetables.
On a chopping board, slice the leeks diagonally into 1in (2.
Large chopping board, PS12, Debenhams; set of two oak chopping boards, PS16, Sainsbury's; purple frying pan, PS9.
uk An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and while this fruit-shaped chopping board can't make quite as many promises, it is a welcome change from the standard rectangle ones.
ThEy 9 always carve roasts on a chopping board on Tv cookery shows.
THIS chopping board from Marks and Spencer is made from bamboo and costs pounds 6.
A wooden chopping board was left on an oven ring at a house in Benjamin Road, Wrexham, and caught fire.
This tip is an oldie but a goldie - to clean a chopping board after use, sprinkle it with baking powder (also known as bicarbonate of soda) and rub in with a clean cloth.
Environmental health officers from Newcastle City Council found evidence of the bug on a chopping board and on the handle of a fridge.
It comes complete with plastic wine glasses, plates, cutlery and mini chopping board, from pounds 49.
Qasir Mahmood, 27, kicked Sonia Nazir, 25, and hit her so hard with a chopping board that it broke, damaging a bone under her tongue and leaving her with bruising.