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used of the sea during inclement or stormy weather

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Swings in risk sentiment are translating into choppiness in oil markets, with prices rebounding again Friday after better than expected US consumer confidence data," said BMO Capital Markets.
In our view, we expect to see further near-term choppiness in stock prices as investors continue to digest the gains of the last few months, but over the long-term, we still believe that stocks appear attractive.
That means that there's no choppiness that's detectable.
But analysts and investors say that the choppiness in iPhone sales doesn't matter as long as Apple's strong growth resumes during the holiday quarter after the anticipated new iPhone hits the stores.
The choppiness of the cello part is maintained throughout the first part of this A section, either through dotted rhythms, or through short ideas separated by rests.
Whereas before a vertical choppiness disturbed comfort, now undulations and poor surfaces are ironed out, insulating the passengers from any discomfort.
It is firmly solid, so you might at times endure some choppiness on rough roads.
MUMBAI: The Indian rupee clawed higher yesterday in volatile trade mirroring choppiness in domestic equities and the euro, but the unit broke a two-month declining bias boosted by hopes that Europe will be able to contain its debt crisis.
And, of course, the choppiness in the market varies by both town and price range.
With more connected devices per hotspot, it's often difficult to watch video without choppiness or pixilation.
This month we highlight two recent notes which we believe offer practical short- and long-term strategies that investors can use to navigate the choppiness on global markets.
But there likely will continue to be some choppiness from month to month as the market works to gain traction.
Higher margin requirements for oil and silver on the CME futures exchange have also forced speculators to adjust their positions, adding further to the choppiness.
income markets such as choppiness of swap spreads and demand for
That was followed by stronger third-quarter numbers, which typifies the choppiness investors have come to dread.