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used of the sea during inclement or stormy weather

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RealD said it will use Tessive's proprietary software to launch RealD TrueMotion, a new production tool with the unparalleled ability to correct imperfections in motion capture, including the "wagon wheel effect" and motion choppiness known as "judder.
The depth of Jupiter's atmospheric choppiness isn't too surprising, says Scott Bolton, a planetary scientist at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio.
Clearer navigation reduces choppiness --one of readers' chief concerns --and helps aid the pacing and flow.
We expect the housing recovery to see some choppiness, but generally continue building on its current momentum.
Both monitors utilise AMD's advanced FreeSync technology for a seamless, fluid gaming experience free of artifacts, choppiness and broken frames.
But even that level of runaway success hasn't caused company executives to rest on their collective laurels, particularly since the sting of recent economic choppiness is still being felt in many client sectors.
While the few scenes cut from Summer Interlude are not integral to the plot, and while the transitions to the erotic passages are also fairly well handled, the new sequences, as they play out, do demonstrate some mismatched shots, choppiness, and errors in continuity.
Those who experience choppiness after installing the new iOS 8 will have to install the iOS 8.
Marked by formal choppiness and a deliberate crudeness that left the artist's thumbprints visible, the head's painted decoration suggests heavily applied makeup, in which the childlike application of heavily rouged cheeks, stylized eyebrows, and garish blue eye crayon borders on the grotesque.
That has significantly reduced bodyroll, so you and the car are much more composed on winding roads - at the expense of a little choppiness on ravaged roads.
Trading linked to month-close settlements and the end of the local earnings season added to the choppiness.
This gives the book a choppiness that keeps with the jittery tone of the plot.
will "help us move past the choppiness that comes from not having
The book's choppiness and abrupt ending--the gunfight takes up only a few pages--are jarring.
Zander is a genius, absolutely the only person in the world capable of cutting it to the right amount of short choppiness - apart from George, the inventor of the look.