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a woman's shoe with a very high thick sole


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Tandis que lo pinton [lou pintou] (le pinton) renvoie a la chopine, c'est-a-dire le demi-litre de vin : celui qui perdait payait sa tournee aux gagnants et aux spectateurs.
Also on display at the museum in Barnard Castle will be chopines, a type of platform shoe favoured in Europe from the 15th to the 18th centuries when height denoted status and roads were covered in all manner of unsightly slop.
Partial contents: "Above the Rest: Chopines as Trans Mediterranean Fashion," by Elizabeth Semmelhack; "The Balcony of the Chapin, or the Vain Architecture of Shoes in Early Modern Spain," by Maria M.
Small notes the most exciting pieces in the exhibit include a 1959 stiletto by Ferragamo that belonged to Marilyn Monroe, 17th-century silken chopines from Italy, and the pump to rule them all: an 8-inch heel created by United Nude.
When displayed, poulaines worn by men and chopines worn by women could serve as provocations akin to lingerie, aimed at strategically drawing attention to precisely that which it supposedly conceals.
20) Although English fashions never approached the style of the fifteenth-century Venetians who wore chopines, or backless slippers up to fifteen inches in height, a shoe with a heel and an arch became a sign of fashionable distinction at the end of the sixteenth century.
Also in the 16th century, women in Italy, France and Spain wore chopines - a shoe balanced on pedestals of cork or wood as much as 24 inches high.
The exaggerated soles of these chopines are sculpted like inverted ocean liners, with small, ordinary lace-up booties on top.