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a woman's shoe with a very high thick sole


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Wooden chopines wait in a corner, suddenly as space-age as a moon-boot imprint nearby.
And during the mid-1500s an extreme heel was developed called chopines.
I can't believe Howard is right, for example, when she says that courtly women "totter[ed]" about in dances because they "often" wore "high chopines" [102]: her footnote quotes the dancing master Fabritio Caroso instructing women how to "move entirely with grace, seemliness, and beauty" -- even in chopines [quoted in Howard, 187, n.
The many other references to zoccoli or chopines include Casola, 144; Coryat, 262; Barzaghi cites Garzoni's description of women parading through Piazza San Marco as "nane convertite in gigantesche" (100).
In this piece, the most interesting in the book, we learn about chopines and farthingales, the ridiculously high platform shoes and the wide hooped skirts which became very fashionable even while they were preached against.
By recalculating the height of the chopines worn by women dancers (these were not, as is widely assumed, the towering platforms favored by Venetian courtesans) and registering the difficulty of performing complex steps without looking at one's partner (i.
Platform shoes known as chopines were popular in Europe during the 16th century.