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meat or fish stir-fried with vegetables (e.g., celery, onions, peppers or bean sprouts) seasoned with ginger and garlic and soy sauce

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More than 300 Chicago white girls have sacrificed themselves to the influence of the chop suey "joints" during the last year, according to police statistics.
Wah Sun Chop Suey House on Eston High Street was another local favourite.
Speaking through an interpreter, Cheung, of Bowburn Chop Suey House, on Durham Road West, spoke only to tell the court his name, date of birth and address.
American chop suey, green beans, baby carrots and hummus.
The doctrinal chop suey is the unwitting result of lawyers' cavalier treatment of Supreme Court jurisdiction.
A restaurant scene tarnished by homogeneous chop suey has traditionally been pitched at the budget end of the dining market and has rarely attracted quality dining plaudits in the city.
Other bands that impressed were Assembly of God Church, Park Street, who performed Chop Suey by Systems Of A Down and ACDC's Highway To Hell.
Andrew Coe's book Chop Suey presents a comprehensive account of American's fond and sometimes nervous relationship with Chinese food and roots this evolving relationship in economic, cultural, and societal developments, as well as in the social history of Chinese immigrants.
There, they fell in love with chop suey, which became the great crossover food that initiated Americans into Chinese food.
The focus is on how Chinese food came to be seen as part of American culture--a focus that differentiates CHOP SUEY form say Jennifer Lee's more popular approach in FORTUNE COOKIE CHRONICLES.
Chinese dish chop suey - which means "odds and ends" - was invented in America by Chinese cooks and first mentioned in print in 1888.
If you're having Chinese food, choose lower-fat options such as steamed fish, chicken chop suey or Szechwan prawns.
A steaming plate of pork chop suey with two scoops of rice and an egg roll arrived just as I was finishing my starters.
In a pairing to make kung-fu fans salivate, Jet Li and Jackie Chan team up for the first time for a terrifically enjoyable chop suey of The Karate Kid, Fists Of Fury and even The Wizard Of Oz.
Acts from around the country - including Titan Hot Seven Jazz Band from Connecticut, the Cornet Chop Suey Jazz Band from Missouri and the High Sierra Jazz Band from California - all will perform.