chop off

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Synonyms for chop off

remove by or as if by cutting

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Choubey, as health minister in the Bihar government, had earlier threatened to chop off the hands of striking doctors.
The actor had been keeping his hair long for his role as Jamie Fraser on "Outlander," but a movie role required him to chop off the red locks.
Summary: Sikar (Rajashthan) [India] Jul 10 (ANI): Rajasthan State Minister Rajkumar Rinwa has been making the headlines for his controversial statement, demanding a law to chop off all those politicians, who make demeaning remarks on the Indian Army.
I tried to resist but they managed to chop off one of my middle fingers.
Two West Midlands Fire crews were forced to chop off the Ford Ka's roof to free the victim.
A REAL-LIFE Rapunzel has raised a chunk of cash for two charities by agreeing to chop off her hair.
A MAN has appeared in court accused of threatening to chop off people's heads with a chainsaw.
She took me in her arms and said, "Michael, you could take Chop-Chop's hatchet and chop off my arms and chop off my legs and chop off my head and throw them all in a garbage can and my head would still look at you and tell you again, I love you