chop off

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Synonyms for chop off

remove by or as if by cutting

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Yet, for singer Lily Allen, all she wants is a pair of scissors to chop off Harry Styles' luscious locks.
The court was told the men, aged 24 and 25, took the women to the desert and threatened to chop off the head of one and feed the other to the dogs
DURING a moment of madness I suggested in a previous letter that we buy any old guillotines off the French and use them to chop off the heads of the overly greedy people that are making a fortune out off the rest of us.
She took me in her arms and said, "Michael, you could take Chop-Chop's hatchet and chop off my arms and chop off my legs and chop off my head and throw them all in a garbage can and my head would still look at you and tell you again, I love you
But the sqauddie was reportedly instructed to chop off his fingers off for a later investigation when the trio were caught using a biometrics camera to take fingerprints.
The Saudi government has denied its intention to chop off the heads of some Iraqis residing in Saudi Arabia, but the reports have not been confirmed till now," Mohammed Saadoun al-Seyjoud told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, adding: "we must follow up those reports, and the Iraqi government is serious to follow up this issue and to make sure of such reports.
Nasrallah said in his speech Wednesday that he will chop off the hands of Israel if it dared attack the Lebanese army again, but the Lebanese army by itself, can actually deal with Israel and chop off their hands on its own," Geagea said.
Would you ever chop off a finger in protest of something?