chop down

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At a time when ash trees are being wiped out, why must we intentionally chop down healthy Chesterwood Road horse chestnut trees?
KIRKLEES Council has broken a promise not to chop down some 100-year-old trees, residents say.
This causes a steeper swing plane and allows you to chop down on the ball more.
She said: "I only found out on Monday that plans to chop down the trees were going ahead.
While some of the remaining forests are protected, large numbers of people illegally chop down the forests' trees to sell the wood for much-needed income.
Ex-Manchester United star Eric Cantona arrives at Nike's Joga Bonito (Play Beautiful) launch looking as if he's on his way to chop down a few trees.
Growers have been known to chop down trees, divert creeks and dump trash, pesticides and fertilizers, Pasinato said.
Despite numerous pleas to be allowed to chop down the 80ft trees and an appeal to Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, the grandmother-of-ten has still been refused.
With standard currency, there is always incentive to chop down non-interest bearing trees and put the proceeds into interest-bearing bank accounts.