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This circumstance allows females an element of choosiness when it comes to purely sexual partnering.
Patricia Moore and colleagues from the university's School of Biological Sciences tested the choosiness of female cockroaches of different ages by placing them in a box with an eligible male.
Bleaching may sometimes involve exchange of 1 algal type with another, a kind of choosiness on the part of the coral enabling adaptation to a changing environment.
Choosiness when you belly up to the bar may help stave off a meaty headache later.
In order to survive, the corporation must develop the ability to mirror the choosiness of its customers back at them in the form of new products and services.
You have more organizations to choose from, but you also have to be vigilant in your choosiness.
Stern says his choosiness isn't so much a collection of preconditions aimed at playing into the building's exclusivity, but rather out of a genuine concern for protecting its intimate atmosphere.
Female monandry would be expected to select for a high degree of choosiness, but in this study 83% of females mated with randomly paired males, and the only significant predictor of mating probability was female age post-maturity.
To check how timing affects choosiness, the investigators tracked how long females dallied in courtship before accepting a male.
He is renowned for his choosiness in taking roles, and admits that, although he relished the idea of working with his old mate John Thaw, he still had to be pushed by his wife Isobel into accepting the role of a doctor accused of murder.
Masonjones has been exploring another aspect of competition and choosiness, the eternal question of who's investing more energy in the kids.