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a person who chooses or selects out

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this key group because the very definition of an inconsistent chooser is
Key to success in this market is driver appeal to attract company car choosers, together with competitive depreciation so that fleets can offer the best possible contract hire rates.
Server access via standard Mac network server access tools in the Chooser
2) The solution is envy-free because the chooser gets the bundle he most prefers, and the divider has an incentive to divide the bundles so that she is not left with a bundle she prefers less than the one the chooser takes.
The 'Smart' Cell Phone Plan Chooser harnesses knowledge gleaned from the company's vast data storehouses to intelligently select the best carrier and plan for their needs.
The chooser must then decide which hand hides the coin.
Players compete to predict which of two answers or "favorites" that the Chooser has selected best represents him or her.
Visitors to the site can use the NS&I Product Chooser, helping customers find the best NS&I financial product for them, and an Investment Calculator to find out what return they would get on a guaranteed rate or income-generating investment with NS&I.
Optoelectronics range and 3D CAD model search added to enhance Component Chooser search
Other Ford Motor Company group companies were also recognised, with Land Rover picking up Best Small 4x4 for the Freelander and the Jaguar X-Type picking up the Best User Chooser award.
13 for MacOS, Prosoft Engineering has enabled users to browse and mount Novell(R) NetWare Volumes and select NetWare print queues from the MacOS Chooser.
The chooser is then blindfolded and "snogs" both before deciding on one.
12 for Mac OS, enabling Macintosh users to browse and mount Novell(R) NetWare volumes and select NetWare print queues, from within the familiar Mac OS Chooser.