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a person who chooses or selects out

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The basic idea in this article is that in some sense it is more paternalistic to make policy assuming that the consistent choosers are making a mistake than it is to make policy assuming that the inconsistent choosers are doing so.
someone who does not opt out; an inconsistent chooser selects oranges
Yet even if we were somehow equipped with perfect metrics, the work of informing school choosers would be far from complete, because providing the public with information and ensuring that the public is truly informed are not one and the same.
Of course, many choices affect both the chooser and third parties, making the distinction between paternalistic and non-paternalistic nudging tricky to maintain.
The four liability rules of Figure 2 (Rules 2, 4, 5, and 6) give rise to just two fundamental allocative classes, corresponding to the identity of the chooser.
Administrators can also work within the Macintosh environment, using the Chooser to select in which zone the CD Tower shows up.
2) The solution is envy-free because the chooser gets the bundle he most prefers, and the divider has an incentive to divide the bundles so that she is not left with a bundle she prefers less than the one the chooser takes.
Congress, there is no distinction between the divider and the chooser.
But Newcomb's premise is that after hundreds of such episodes, you know that without exception, each time the chooser took both boxes, the second box turned out to be empty and that without exception, each time the chooser took the second box alone, he found it contained the million dollars.
Users can also change the display settings on the page setup screen or from the pull down menu in the theme chooser.
They show how the term "consumer" has become a cliche, but carefully reconstruct it from its contemporary emergence, and then its ramifications as it takes on its various forms as chooser, communicator, explorer, identity-seeker, hedonist or artist, victim, rebel, activist and citizen.
One of you is the chooser and must close their eyes while the others decide who is going to hold the coin.
Players compete to predict which of two answers or "favorites" that the Chooser has selected best represents him or her.
Visitors to the site can use the NS&I Product Chooser, helping customers find the best NS&I financial product for them, and an Investment Calculator to find out what return they would get on a guaranteed rate or income-generating investment with NS&I.