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Using improved methods of analysis of uranium and lead isotopes, the current study of primitive meteorites has enabled researchers to date the formation of two very different types of materials, so-called calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions (or CAI's for short) and chondrules, found within the same meteorite.
The new discovery is that the so-called chondrules were formed during the first three million years of the solar system's development as well.
Clasts comprise the same mineral phases as the matrix, as well as chondrules and larger (50-100 micron) single mineral grains (mainly olivine and orthopyroxene).
They also show that each chondrule is magnetized like a little bar magnet, but with 'north' pointing in random directions," Desch said.
They are built mostly of small stony grains, called chondrules, barely a millimeter in diameter.
The 'carbonaceous chondrite meteorite' was originally formed in the early solar system when microscopic dust particles gathered around larger grain particles called chondrules, which were around one mm in size.
They derive their name from their main component -- chondrules, which formed as molten droplets floating in space.
In one specimen, found in Antarctica, they discovered a new type of building block called sulfide chondrules.
These findings suggest that chondrules formed from 2 million to 5 million years after inclusions appeared.
One perplexing aspect of this scenario, notes Alexander, is the proposed formation of inclusions and the earliest chondrules about 3 million years before asteroids.
Basaltic achondrites lack the rounded particles, or chondrules, found inside most stony meteorites.
We can now use the isotopes to measure the age of different chondrules, parts of meteorites, and understand far more about the early part of our Solar System," one of the scientists, Johan Villeneuve, told BBC News.
King at the University of Houston, scientists have been arguing over the origin of chondrules for two centuries.
The early family tree of our solar system's rocky planets features tiny glassy spheres called chondrules, found today inside ancient meteorites.