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4) However, these investigators did not report any cases involving the Achilles bursae, and stressed the need to differentiate extraskeletal soft-tissue chondromas from soft synovial bursae and tenosynovial chondromatosis, giant cell tumors of the tendon sheath, myxomas, and chondrosarcomas.
Marcial-Seoane RA, Marcial-Seoane MA, Ramos E, Marcial-Rojas RA: Extraskeletal chondromas.
Soft tissue chondromas are benign nodules of hyaline cartilage that are not attached to bone and tend to occur in the hands and feet.
Collectively, the findings were consistent with a diagnosis of soft tissue chondroma.
Skull-base chondromas are usually extradural and presumed to arise from embryonic cartilage rests along the basilar synchondroses.
Clinically, patients with intracranial chondromas often present with longstanding symptoms that can be attributed to the slow-growing nature of these tumors.
Considering the radiologic and histopathologic features, the location and the age of the patient, this lesion was most consistent with the diagnosis of a juxtacortical chondroma (periosteal chondroma).
Juxtacortical chondroma of the leftproximal medial metaphyseal tibia
Chondromas are also uncommon in cartilaginous tissue; they lack the nuclear atypia, mitotic figures, and necrosis seen in chondrosarcomas.
However, it is difficult to distinguish a chondrosarcoma from a benign chondroma on imaging, although a CT that shows coarse or stippled calcifications may raise the suspicion of a chondrosarcoma.
3) Benign neoplasms include nasal polyps, osteomas and chondromas, schwannomas and neurofibromas, ossifying fibromas and cementomas, and odontogenic tumors.
7) Chondromas and chondrosarcomas can also develop in tissues that do not normally contain cartilage at any stage of development.
3] Complicating this clinical diagnostic challenge is the fact that it is difficult to differentiate between benign chondromas and the various degrees of malignant chondrosarcomas.
Benign mesenchymal neoplasms include squamous papillomatoses, granulation tissue lesions, hemangiomas, rhabdomyomas, lipomas, pleomorphic adenomas, neurofibromas, granular cell tumors, and chondromas.
Because chondrosarcoma lies on a continuum between benign chondroma and malignant sarcoma, making a histologic diagnosis can be difficult.