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In addition, fibula in chick has more chondrogenesis speed compared to tibia [10], yet, in quail the development rate of fibula is lower than tibia.
University of California, San Francisco, Mechanisms of Articular-Cartilage Simulated Chondrogenesis.
Limitations of using aggrecan and type X collagen as markers of chondrogenesis in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation.
Chondrogenesis from immortalized human mesenchymal stem cells: comparison between collagen gel and pellet culture methods.
1,2,5) During the embryonic formation of the otic capsule, TGF-[beta]1 is considered to be a regulatory molecule that is important in the epithelial-mesenchymal interactions and epithelial induction of the chondrogenesis.
Sonic hedgehog promotes somitic chondrogenesis by altering the cellular response to BMP signaling.
Hypericum perforatum was tested, to evaluate its effects on chondrogenesis in a tissue culture model using human chondrocytes.
11] NC Cheng, BT Estes, TH Young, and F Guilak, "Genipin-crosslinked cartilage-derived matrix as a scaffold for human adipose-derived stem cell chondrogenesis," Tissue Eng Part A, vol.
The key role of CD105 in promoting MSC chondrogenesis may be related to its function as a member of TGF-[beta] receptor superfamily.
Tissue-engineered intervertebral disc and chondrogenesis using human nucleus pulposus regulated through TGFbeta1 in platelet-rich plasma.
To overcome the limiting autogenous chondrocyte populations available in cartilage repair, various methods have been developed to maximize chondrogenesis of hMSCs in vitro, most of which use cells derived from primary culture.
Given the strong epidemiologic data, as well as our findings that fracture healing and chondrocyte differentiation are affected by Pb, we have performed a series of in vitro experiments to elucidate the underlying mechanism of toxicity during chondrogenesis and chondrocyte differentiation.
108) Another study (109) has shown that the transcription factor Sox9, a master regulator of chondrogenesis, (110,111) differentiates mesenchymal chondrosarcoma from various small cell malignancies, including small cell OS, lymphoma, and ES, by immunohistochemical analysis using a rabbit polyclonal antibody.
Whether this actually resulted in chondrogenesis was not determined, however the investigators note that no deterioration of function occurred at the latest follow-up examination.