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having a granular structure like that of chondrites



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232]Th CHUR F Chondritic Uniform Reservoir Half-lives are calculated using decay constants.
Chondritic meteorites don't have much of the lighter tungsten-182 compared with Earth's mantle, so meteorites mixed into the mantle over geologic timescales could have diluted Earth's younger rocks.
However recent thermal infrared observations from the Mars Express Planetary Fourier Spectrometer, show poor agreement with any class of chondritic meteorite.
Osmium, tungsten, and chromium isotopes in sediments and in Nirich spinel at the K-T boundary: Signature of a chondritic impactor.
Al-undepleted komatiites, which have flat HREE pattems and chondritic values of [A1.
1978) Rare earth abundance in chondritic meteorites.
Plots of the analyses, normalized to chondritic values (Anders and Ebihara, 1982) are shown in Figure 9 and Figure 10.
While it is generally assumed that the global bulk composition of Earth and other terrestrial planets is chondritic for refractory elements such as Sm and Nd, it has recently been shown that the 142Nd/144Nd values display a systematic and reproducible bias between all the chondrites and the average composition of the Earth, and also possibly of other planets.
2010) demonstrated the presence of non-reworked extraterrestrial L-type chondritic chromite grains in the breccia, which gives further support to an impact origin.
Chondrite Normalized REE Diagrams: Chondrite normalized REE diagrams are generally prepared to determine the behavior of REE in the rocks and to constrain their source compositions, with reference to normalized chondritic values.
Teng's group analyzed different types of rocks from different depths of the Earth's mantle from a site in North China and compared the results to those of samples from chondritic meteorites.
The submarine metavolcanics have total rare earth element ([SIGMA]REE) contents ranging between 75 and 81 ppm, and concentrations between 9 and 40 times the chondritic abundances (Nakamura, 1974).
The Rangeley, Berwick, Eliot, and Kittery formations and the > 100 times chondritic portion of the Carrabassett Formation all have REE abundances most similar to passive margin turbidites (Fig.
Even though the recovered stones turned out to be a rather common type of chondritic (rocky) meteorite, they're now fetching thousands of dollars per gram on the collectors' market.
1996) indicate an approximately chondritic source for the Nd in the mafic rocks of the Riga batholith and the Abja stock, and a Palaeoproterozoic (Svecofennian) source for the felsic rocks: the [T.