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having a granular structure like that of chondrites



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Al-undepleted komatiites, which have flat HREE pattems and chondritic values of [A1.
The final goal of the present proposal is to determine if Earth and other planets are chondritic or not, and to understand the implications of their refined starting composition on their geological evolution in terms of early planetary differentiation.
Chondritic meteorites don't have much of the lighter tungsten-182 compared with Earth's mantle, so meteorites mixed into the mantle over geologic timescales could have diluted Earth's younger rocks.
This finding implies that chondritic meteorites containing small, granular minerals -- not comets -- are the source of water for terrestrial planets.
Teng's group analyzed different types of rocks from different depths of the Earth's mantle from a site in North China and compared the results to those of samples from chondritic meteorites.
Previous observations of Phobos at visible and near-infrared wavelengths have been interpreted to suggest the possible presence of carbonaceous chondritic meteorites, carbon-rich "ultra primitive" materials, commonly associated with asteroids dominant in the middle part of the asteroid belt.
The Rangeley, Berwick, Eliot, and Kittery formations and the > 100 times chondritic portion of the Carrabassett Formation all have REE abundances most similar to passive margin turbidites (Fig.
1996) indicate an approximately chondritic source for the Nd in the mafic rocks of the Riga batholith and the Abja stock, and a Palaeoproterozoic (Svecofennian) source for the felsic rocks: the [T.
The scientists believe that the crater -- roughly 100 micrometers in diameter -- formed when a chondritic micrometeoroid struck the craft at high velocity, leaving a dent in an aluminum panel near its leading edge.
The REE patterns for the dioritic and granodioritic suite as a whole show light REE enrichment (La between 45 and 150 times chondritic values) and nearly flat heavy REE at 6.