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a rock of meteoric origin containing chondrules

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Because the Carrabassett Formation shows a wide range of values, average compositions for samples with LREE > 100 and < 100 times chondrite values are plotted.
The Taglish Lake meteorite is classified as a carbonaceous chondrite, one of the first group of meteorites to have formed in the solar system.
The 'carbonaceous chondrite meteorite' was originally formed in the early solar system when microscopic dust particles gathered around larger grain particles called chondrules, which were around one mm in size.
It's been 31 years, he notes, since the recovery of the Murchison meteorite--the last time that anyone found a carbonaceous chondrite soon after it fell to Earth.
We now think that [water] is much more common in ordinary chondrite meteorites than people have recognized," says Bodnar.
A standardized analysis based on standard chondrite values showed that light rare earth elements (LREE) were abundant and heavy rare earth elements (HREE) were depleted in Bagemaode oil shale samples.
8%HCl OC ABB OC ABB * 1 2,63 4,32 -0,71 not defined not defined not defined 2 3,2 not defined not defined not defined not defined not defined 3 2,82 not defined not defined 4 3,3 2,24 -0,07 not defined not defined not defined not defined not defined not defined 5 3,4 not defined 3,62 not defined -0,77 not defined 6 not defined 1,62 8,3 ** * Valence correlations of cerium and europium are given after having been normalized for carbonaceous chondrite C1 [15].
The T-Tauri outbursts stripped a portion of Mercury's incompletely condensed protoplanet and transported it to the region between Mars and Jupiter where it fused with in-falling oxidized condensate from the outer regions of the Solar System forming the parent matter of ordinary chondrite meteorites, the main-Belt asteroids, and veneer for the inner planets, especially Mars.
Rare earth elements normalized to chondrite (Sun and McDonough 1989) have relatively flat patterns with [(La/Lu).
The reflectance spectrum was rather featureless and of an unusually low slope, consistent with the object's being similar to a carbonaceous chondrite meteorite of type CO or CV.
Cosher cosecant promiscuously charactron chondrite ?
Analysis of the meteorites, known as EET92042 and GRA95229, showed that they contained the highest levels of amino acids ever found in a chondrite.
Figure 2a-d overviews the geochemical signature of the dust samples, normalising selected elements against chondrite (Fig.
The entire suite of units sampled shows significant variation in LREE ranging from [approximately equal to]100 to 270 x chondrite, and HREE (heavy rare earth elements) ranging from 8 to 23 x chondrite.