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100 chon equal 1 won in South Korea

100 chon equal 1 won in North Korea

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We've been told that they have been giving medical attention to Chon whenever necessary," a ministry official said.
Having established its presence in the financial services, telecommunications and health care sectors, Chon said Lenovo would focus on these three growth areas by 'transforming from being a business needs provider to a service provider.
Education: Chon received abachelor's degree in biology from Cornell University and amedical degree from the New York University School of Medicine.
That is, Dona Chon and her description, preparation, and consumption of typical Puerto Rican meals thus participate in the construction of the Puerto Rican cultural identity through an enduring loyalty to traditional island cuisine.
Aunque Chon parece danado por su participacion como soldado en Afganistan, su experiencia de marine y matador de hombres le viene perfecta a la accion (ingeniero de guerra), su amor por el amigo y la novia lo reivindican como heroe (en el plano narrativo, claro esta).
The e-mails in question indicate that McGurk had an intimate relationship with the journalist, Gina Chon, while he was married to another woman.
Chon started her career in academics at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia as an Assistant Professor of Urology.
Over the past several years, Chain Chon has been expanding production capacities worldwide.
The panel will include security experts, among them Chon, a specialist in cloud computing security, who is VP and CTO in Kratos' SecureInfo group.
Chon, a veteran of the Republic of Korea Army, brings more than 10 years of aerospace/defense and industrial/commercial case and packaging market knowledge to his position.
In August of 2007, Ho Ah Chon passed away at age 83, five months after his wife died.
As the bucks flow in, Ben travels the world distributing aid while Chon and the alluring Ophelia lounge around enjoying each other.
Opening a parasol, or umbrella, on a blazing hot day continues to be a stylish and effective way to prevent skin cancer in many countries," notes Susan Chon, assistant professor in the Department of Dermatology.
I'm glad to report that I've been joined in this cause by some important allies--George Packer in the New Republic (and I understand he has another piece on the subject planned for the New York Times magazine), Senator Edward Kennedy in the Washington Post, Gina Chon and Joel Millman in the Wall Street Journal, and two alumni of this magazine, Robert Worth in the New York Times, and David Ignatius in the Washington Post.
1 -- color) From left, general pediatric surgeon Cathy Shin, Marla Matar, urologist Joanna Chon and surgical tech Echo Rowles were part of a medical contingent that traveled to Santa Clarita's sister city, Tena, Ecuador, in May.