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the act of chewing noisily

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If they are chomping, they could very easily chomp on humans.
This is my 19th year, and I'm chomping at the bit to get back to baseball,'' said Gaber, 71.
He has also used his veg chomping skills on record before.
The three-inch-long shrimps--one dubbed "Sparky"--began their chomping spree last spring.
Players can guide PAC-MAN through the vast, scrolling 3D mazes of Block Town, Jungle Steps and more while chomping dots and evading ghosts.
CHOMPING on burgers and pies, football fans may not be regarded as traditional food critics.
While slight in comparison, songs such as ``In Blue Hawaii'' and ``Wind Chimes'' cast their spell, while an amusing ``Vega- Tables'' allowed band members to reach for bunches of broccoli, cauliflower and celery while making percussive chomping sounds.
SUPERSLIM Geri Halliwell is keeping her new trim figure - by chomping on endless amounts of bubble gum.
Its ferocious snout flaunted an extra chin-like projection called a rosette--ideal for grabbing and chomping big fish.
We are chomping at the bit over the company's recent announcement that we will be releasing 16 oz.
We're chomping at the bit, and I know someday the dam is going to break for us.