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Synonyms for chomp

to bite and grind with the teeth

to seize, as food, with the teeth

Synonyms for chomp

the act of gripping or chewing off with the teeth and jaws

chew noisily


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Chomp is an example of a combinatorial game, in which nothing is hidden from the players and no chance is involved.
Containing treat size Buttons, treat size Flake, Chomp, treat size Crunchie and Fudge bar.
Following the Chomp trend, sportscasters including Mary Albert and Greg Gumble take to the fields and courts.
Patrick's Day to chomp on bangers and mash, listen to Celtic rock and drink copious amounts of beer - not necessarily in that order.
They allow the snake to open its mouth wide to chomp prey.
Chomp on This has hit the shelves, sparking conversations on the nature of celebrity and the shabby skills of the industry's lens-men.
Parents with children under five who wonder what on Earth they should be feeding them should take a look at CHOMP - a brand new menu- planning computer programme produced by nutrition experts to ensure they get the best from their food.
If you want to see a real premier, go the The Palace on Wednesday November 7th for Chomp On This.
When an anole tries to chomp on this grasshopper, "instead of jelly, vomit squirts out".
Video coordinator Lee "Dawg" Dupont is pulling double duty, as he is not only coaching the Zero team to victory, but simultaneously pulling out all the stops for his own video part in the not-so-top-secret Chomp On This video.
This enzymatic chomp exposes the gadolinium atom within, enabling the MRI to pinpoint enzymatic activity.