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Basal forebrain cholinergic neurons (BFCNs) project widely throughout the brain.
The second key challenge, he said, is the need for constant exposure to cholinergic neurons that comprise the nucleus basalis of Meynert (NBM) while avoiding exposure to untargeted neuronal populations.
Elderly patients are among the most affected population, in whom severe dementia, including Alzheimer's type, reduces the number of cholinergic neurons (15), possibly causing various types of sleep-wake disorders, including irregular SWC (16), difficulty in falling or staying asleep, or adhering to a consistent sleep/wake schedule (17).
Clinical data from a Phase 1 study demonstrate that CERE-110 can be safely injected into a specific area of the brain and preclinical studies suggest that treatment can produce levels of NGF that protect cholinergic neurons.
The initial destruction was in an area called the medial septum, which connects to the hippocampus by GABA and cholinergic neurons.
Effects of two years of estrogen loss or replacement on nucleus basalis cholinergic neurons andcholinergic fibers to the dorsolateral prefrontal and inferior parietal cortex of monkeys.
Destruction of the cholinergic neurons in LDT/PPT resulted in loss of both REM sleep and muscle atonia (96), while electrical stimulation of these neurons increased REM sleep (97) and suppressed muscle tone (98,99).
A significant amount of the neurons were GABAergic, and these appeared to establish contact with the host (rat) cholinergic neurons.
Alzheimer's brains show another distinct characteristic: a significant loss of cholinergic neurons and acetylcholine receptors, in addition to the hallmark plaques and tangles, said Dr.
Sympathetic outflow to the skin includes cholinergic neurons innervating sweat glands and adrenergic neurons innervating blood vessels and hair follicles (vasoconstrictor and pilomotor neurons).
Cholinergic neurons are specifically affected in AD (see section below on biological mechanisms).
Normally, aging monkeys lose about 28% of cholinergic neurons, believed to play a role in memory and other mental functions.
Wang presented evidence that cholinergic neurons sport copies of the alpha 7 receptor and that beta-amyloid binds tightly to them.
Although more research is necessary, the findings presented today suggest that ELND005 may have the ability to prevent the loss of ChAT that results from damage to cholinergic neurons in the brain, thereby potentially protecting against cognitive decline in individuals with Alzheimer's disease.