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inflammation of the liver caused by a virus or a toxin

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However, a Serenoa repens preparation called Prostata[R] (GeroVita International, Toronto, Canada) has been linked to protracted cholestatic hepatitis (Hamid et al.
The cholestatic hepatitis observed with flutamide has been postulated to result from testosterone-mediated cholestasis (Dankoff, 1992).
Furthermore, contrary to cases 2 and 3, most reported cases of hepatitis related to herbal medications have been cholestatic hepatitis (Breen et al.
A case of acute cholestatic hepatitis caused by the seeds of psoralea--corylifolia [in Korean].
It is an extract of the American dwarf palm tree and is thought to cause cholestatic hepatitis through both estrogenic and antiandrogenic effects.
Patients with acute EBV infections may also develop cholestatic hepatitis with associated jaundice and hepatitis with moderate elevations in the transaminase levels.
Key words: cholestatic hepatitis, hepatotoxicity, herbal medicine, Teucrium polium
The findings of percutaneous liver biopsy were consistent with drug-induced cholestatic hepatitis, revealing portal and lobular inflammatory infiltrates with excess of eosinophils, mild portal fibrosis, central and focal necrosis, and macrovesicular fatty infiltration (30%).
5,6,9) Cholestatic hepatitis in association with cloxacillin and oxacillin has also been reported in some patients.
3%-1%), arthralgia, cholestatic hepatitis, jaundice, myalgia, nephritis, or taste disturbances.