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a condition in which little or no bile is secreted or the flow of bile into the digestive tract is obstructed


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Bile duct obstruction-mediated liver injury is a key feature of cholestasis, which underlies several chronic liver diseases, such as gallstone impaction, biliary atresia, and tumor compression [24].
Among patients with such increases, some also show impaired liver function (total bilirubin [greater than or equal to] 2x ULN) but no initial signs of cholestasis (ie, elevated ALP*) 3.
Hence, it would be worth considering other causes of both intra- and extrahepatic cholestasis in this case, e.
Biochemical testing underestimates the degree of cholestasis and bile duct damage, as more cases of cholestasis and duct injury are identified on biopsy than indicated with serum testing alone.
Because of extreme cholestasis and prematurity in all three infants, they were unable to receive zinc through oral or enteral feedings.
A trial of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) is advised to improve the cholestasis and protect regenerating bile ductules.
TPN piglets that were given CDCA had signiicantly lower levels of serum bilirubin, a biomarker of cholestasis, than did the TPN-fed piglets that were given a placebo.
This complex process is impaired after partial hepatectomy and results in transient cholestasis with diminished overall bile flow and increased serum bile acid levels (Fukano et al.
They focus on physiological changes in liver function tests during normal pregnancy; liver disease not specific to pregnancy, such as viral hepatitis, gall stone and biliary disease, hepatic vein thrombosis, primary biliary cirrhosis, hepatic adenoma, Wilson disease, and portal hypertension; liver disease unique to pregnancy, including hyperemesis gravidarum, intrahepatic cholestasis, preeclampsia-induced liver disease and HELLP (hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, and low platelets) syndrome, and the acute fatty liver; and transplantation.
Miss Cox told how she feared she might lose the baby when she developed obstetric cholestasis, but she got the warning signs of itchy skin checked out in time.
The term cholestasis refers to a group of disorders associated with bilirubin excretion and accompanied by a rise in serum conjugated bilirubin levels and often, bile salts and phospholipids.
Eleanor suffers from a rare form of liver disease, progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis type 2, and is likely to need a liver transplant before she is 10 years old.
A gene encoding a P-type ATPase mutated in two forms of hereditary cholestasis.
Ali Shaheer Malik, who hails from Pakistan's Lahore city, was suffering from Familial Cholestasis and went into a state of semi-coma.
Fourteen patients showed features of chronic cholestasis indicating overlap syndrome.