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Four personality types are linked with people's teeth: sanguine or dynamic (triangular-shaped), choleric or strong (rectangular-shaped), melancholic or sensitive (oval-shaped) and phlegmatic or peaceful (square-shaped).
I reply that it is probably Choleric and the doctor smiles very warmly and indicates that I should sit down at his desk.
Galen (or Galenus), the second century Greek philosopher proposed the categorization of personalities according to humoural imbalances as either phlegmatic, choleric, sanguine or melancholy (On Temperaments).
Her father was old and ornery, the sigh said to the reliably choleric Ronald, who was probably hovering in the middle distance drinking a glass of low-fat milk.
For Tracy, ill-temper (SvoxoXlct) is very likely a disease of the appetitive part, as luxury, which points to the satisfaction of lower appetites, such as eating, is the reason for rendering the character of very young people peevish ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]), choleric ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) and over-sensitive (([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]).
Jim Puder discusses "the curiously choleric letter received by you in 1998, alleging iilliteracy in Word Ways' punctuation, one suspects that its estimable author may not be quite the erudite authority on punctuational propriety that he evidently assumes himself to be, as he is wrong in each one of his four specific criticisms of Word Ways' punctuational style.
By the time Jane Austen was converting Elinor and Marianne (1795) into Sense and Sensibility and revising the manuscript into the final text, a period stretching from 1797 to 1809-10 (Copeland xxiii), Ranelagh had become in reality the infernal place that Smollett's choleric Matthew Bramble had described thirty years earlier, an odious public venue where "[o]ne half of the company are following at the other's tails, in an eternal circle; like so many blind asses in an olive-mill, where they can neither discourse, distinguish, nor be distinguished" (120).
Could this be due to some emanations of our soil that don't allow choleric toxins to survive, or to some condition of our atmosphere?
For instance, the choleric and melancholic types show more emotional volatility with the phlegmatic and sanguine finding it easier to control their emotions.
Woyzeck attempts to excuse his mishap by saying that it was "nature" that had overtaken him, but this is dismissed by the choleric doctor.
And, it should be said, the reverence is quite genuine, for Jacobs has always been a man of infectious enthusiasms, astonishing generosity, and extraordinary insight, despite his sometimes choleric and bellicose eruptions and his often domineering personality.
SAJ Musa, Strasser's choleric deputy, had coordinated the arrests and brutal murder of the alleged plotters who, in fact, numbered 29, and they included: a palm wine tappet; a pregnant woman of no known political affiliation; about half a dozen newly-recruited police trainees; several people who had been in detention at Pademba Road prison at the time of the alleged plot; and a fortune teller or "herbalist" who had been allegedly consulted by the alleged plotters.
A Kaula overpowered by desire, a miser, a fool a very poor man, someone without glory, one extremely old, One with a chronic disease, or a choleric person, one opposed to Visnu, one opposing scripture, and one (opposing) saints, A body-worshiper, a slanderer, a sinner--these fourteen categories are like corpses while alive.