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Because of these qualities, canarie wines are good for the elderly and those with cold bodies, and unwholesome for those who are choleric, regardless of age, because they will heat the choleric body too intensely.
The Choleric, the Sanguine, the Phlegmatic, the Melancholic, the Extrovert, the Introvert
I reply that it is probably Choleric and the doctor smiles very warmly and indicates that I should sit down at his desk.
This will determine, in turn, a certain type of temperament (melancholic, choleric, phlegmatic and sanguineous, according to Galen).
Jim Puder discusses "the curiously choleric letter received by you in 1998, alleging iilliteracy in Word Ways' punctuation, one suspects that its estimable author may not be quite the erudite authority on punctuational propriety that he evidently assumes himself to be, as he is wrong in each one of his four specific criticisms of Word Ways' punctuational style.
For instance, the choleric and melancholic types show more emotional volatility with the phlegmatic and sanguine finding it easier to control their emotions.
Particularly worthy of mention are Cumberbateh, who in one charged scene gets across the cruel debt of silence secret servicemen will always owe, and Firth and Hurt, both in particularly choleric, amusing form.
The choleric Engellau blew his top, felt he had been hoodwinked and promised that Pelle would never be acknowledged as the car's designer.
Elizabeth Taylor in her radiant prime makes Angelina Jolie (the tabloid-appointed pretender to her throne) look like a choleric video-game avatar.
The sanguine participants in the study outperformed the choleric ones who in turn outperformed the melancholic participants.
case against one of her lovers ensured maximum publicity for their unhappy union), and lastly as a choleric "Squire Firebrand" who, as Jonah Barrington memorably recalled, was generally level-headed except on the "abstract topics of politics, religion, martial law, his wife, the pope, the pretender, the Jesuits, Napper Tandy, and the whipping post.
Readers on Toussaint's side of the Atlantic are familiar with a quite different version of the event, in which the footballers motivation has been depicted as more choleric than melancholic.
Smiling angelic chops can become more than a little choleric as she becomes all too quickly maddened.