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an acute intestinal infection caused by ingestion of contaminated water or food

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She heard neither voices nor footsteps, and wondered if everybody had got well of the cholera and all the trouble was over.
I fell asleep when everyone had the cholera and I have only just wakened up.
Something always comes along, cholera duty in India and things like that.
Cholera I had, with severe complications; and diphtheria I seemed to have been born with.
But a disease had broken out in the East, there was cholera in Russia, and he was heard of, not so romantically, in Lisbon.
nobody knows what that may be--is it any wonder the cholera has got to Dantzic?
The horror of cholera was then in the land; and we heard in the stage- office that a man lay dead of it in the hotel overhead.
Then I won't," and Polly retired behind a cloud of arsenic-green gauze, which made her look as if she had the cholera.
The Councillor imagined it was the cholera that was meant, which people made so much fuss about; and the discourse passed off satisfactorily enough.
A lock-jaw that bends a man's head back to his heels; hydrophobia that makes him bark at his wife and babes; insanity that makes him eat grass; war, plague, cholera, famine, indicate a certain ferocity in nature, which, as it had its inlet by human crime, must have its outlet by human suffering.
He went about saying everywhere I was a worse pest to this town than the cholera.
Ghana recorded more than 94 deaths out of 8,494 cases of cholera in 2011, according to official figures from the health service.
Significant gains in the fight against the cholera epidemic in Haiti have been recorded as the dry season ends and the United Nations continues to support the government's comprehensive strategy of monitoring, rapid response and planning for long-term solutions, a top UN official in the impoverished country, reports Caribbean News Now (May 3, 2014).
Washington, Jan 9 ( ANI ): Researchers, who worked with a nearly 200-year-old sample of preserved intestine, have traced the bacterium behind a global cholera pandemic that killed millions.
The Kenyan Ministry of Health on February 12, 2015, announced a raft of measures to contain cholera outbreak that claimed eight lives in three counties in Kenya.