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roentgenographic examination of the bile ducts after a contrast medium has been injected

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2) ERCP will provide a detailed cholangiogram and brush cytology of a focal stenosis.
Thus, most of the abnormal intraoperative cholangiograms either were false-positives or identified stones that soon passed spontaneously.
And I always obtain an intraoperative cholangiogram if I'm unable to clearly delineate the anatomy.
Those who argue against routine cholangiograms say the procedure may actually increase the chance of ductal injury as a confused surgeon may mistake the common bile duct for the cystic duct and cut into the common bile duct for catheter placement.
Flum and his associates at the University of Washington, Seattle, found that intraoperative cholangiograms (IOCs) had been performed in 613,706 (39%) of 1,570,361 patients nationwide who had a cholecystectomy in 1992-1999.