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British slang (dated) for a prison


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and instead pool in all the money that is normally or usually incurred in expenses for Losar for new food, new clothes, in this special initiative fund that we want to create for when Tibet will be a free country," Chokey added.
The reception was held on the lawn of the villa where the guests were entertained Dy The Chokey Taylor Band.
He hasn't yet been accused of savagely putting other riders over the rails and he hasn't been sentenced to three years in chokey for tax evasion, but the other day he was asked what he thought about the idea of having the London Philharmonic playing the William Tell Overture during a race at Kempton Park and he said he thought it was "stupid" (even though he won).
Because Mr Armstrong is now in chokey doing a six-and-a-half stretch for conspiracy to supply cocaine from the premises.
In the last three years, Mugabe has closed three newspapers and thrown 70 Zimbabwean journalists into chokey.
And he stunned police by opting for some time in chokey.
But his portrayal -- offensive at times in the manner of the 1920s, yet not always, for Chokey has a sardonic way with words -- has far more to do with his blackness than his presumed American-ness.
I'M wondering if Ladbrokes is taking bets as to how long Chris Huhne's mistress, Carina Trimingham, will stick by him once he's in chokey.
Now he's in chokey, he may talk of himself in the same bracket as Nelson Mandela or Aung San Suu Kyi.
Yet Thatcher is facing 15 years in the chokey while Tony Blair is running the country and getting a standing ovation from the party faithful.
Back in Los Angeles, a court is still trying to decide whether Dawnette Knight, the woman accused of stalking our Zeta, should face trial and a possible 19 years in chokey.
He says it's unfair to expect Paul Dickov, Keith Gillespie and Frank Sinclair to remain in chokey while the legal niceties are sorted out.
Call me cynical, but if we continue to send mums and dads to chokey for the sins of their sons and daughters isn't there a slight danger that parent-hating, school-hating scallies will soon put two and two together and (for the first time in their lives) not get five?
THOSE who think we should ditch community service and just build more prisons might care to look at what happened in the US when they brought in policies such as three strikes and you're out - or rather in the chokey for good.