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stopped up


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Pyncheon, when his choked utterance could make way.
I choked out some words through my grief and misery; as much as to say I would spare the sun; for which the lad's eyes paid me back with such deep and loving gratitude that I had not the heart to tell him his good-hearted foolishness had ruined me and sent me to my death.
I had to let on to get choked with a chicken bone, so as to get time to think how to get down again.
He choked with anger for a moment, then he got out what he was trying to say:
He kind of broke down there and choked up, and waited to get
Dick Carter's head disappeared under the desk, while Living Perkins choked with laughter.
Jennings laughed again, but Elinor had not spirits to say more, and eager at all events to know what Willoughby had written, hurried away to their room, where, on opening the door, she saw Marianne stretched on the bed, almost choked by grief, one letter in her hand, and two or three others laying by her.
Come, eat something," she said; but I put both away from me, feeling as if a drop or a crumb would have choked me in my present condition.
It took his breath for a minute; and while he choked, Mr.
Please--" and then the lump in her throat choked her.
I'm a battered old hulk, with my seams opening, and my pumps choked, and the waters of Death powering in on me as fast as they can.
The sky was gloomy, and the shortest streets were choked up with a dingy mist, half thawed, half frozen, whose heavier particles descended in shower of sooty atoms, as if all the chimneys in Great Britain had, by one consent, caught fire, and were blazing away to their dear hearts' content.
Even when Peggotty was in the act of drinking, he was seized with one of those approaches, and almost choked her.
Joe," said Uncle Pumblechook: a large hard-breathing middle-aged slow man, with a mouth like a fish, dull staring eyes, and sandy hair standing upright on his head, so that he looked as if he had just been all but choked, and had that moment come to; "I have brought you, as the compliments of the season - I have brought you, Mum, a bottle of sherry wine - and I have brought you, Mum, a bottle of port wine.
He looked at Alice, and tried to speak, but for a minute or two sobs choked his voice.