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Synonyms for chokecherry

the fruit of the chokecherry tree

a common wild cherry of eastern North America having small bitter black berries favored by birds

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With 1,000 turbines total, the 3GW Chokecherry and Sierra Madre project would have more wind capacity than 43 states.
Cattails and cottonwood shade the entrances, mixing with serviceberry, chokecherry, and willow; amid the foliage, prints of dozens of species track the sandy soil.
The company also sells a line of jellies and jams, including a wild chokecherry jelly from fruit harvested along high-country mountain streams.
For example, frugivorous birds disperse the seeds of chokecherry (Prunus virginiana), which are then gathered and scatter hoarded by rodents (Beck & Vander Wall, 2011).
serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia), common chokecherry (Prunus virginiana), Rocky Mountain maple (Acer glabrum), sticky current (Ribes viscosissimum), and other deciduous species.
Upon his arrival, he kisses and caresses the chokecherry tree scar that grows on her back and is itself the inscription of traumatic memory.
These equid occurrences closely resemble the composition of the medial Clarendonian Chokecherry Quarry and Minnechaduza faunas of Nebraska (Voorhies, 1990).
The dogwood is redder now than summer's chokecherry, Sunset sheen like old wax on the steps into the sky, Rainwater gone, drifting under the streets like nobody notices.
Using thermal time models, the researchers found that the bloom dates for early spring species such as prairie crocuses and aspen trees had advanced by two weeks over the stretch of seven decades, with later-blooming species such as saskatoon and chokecherry bushes being pushed ahead by up to six days.
An example of this process at work in a drink is The Farolito ($12), which mixes Chinaco Tequila with Sage leaves, chokecherry shrub, Lillet Rouge and Bitter End Mexican Mole Bitters.
And there is hardly any chokecherry around anymore.
This latest album has been a long time in production and follows previous studio albums Chokecherry (2002) and the self-titled Ashleigh Flynn (1999), although there was the live recording Live At Mississippi Studios (2005) to keep fans' appetites ticking over.
He (and it is always a he which is a topic I wish I had ten more pages to talk about) will always find something to beat up, crush, strip, power wash, grind or saw on his property, even if it is merely an errant branch off the chokecherry bush.
Dogwood, viburnum, chokecherry and serviceberry are particularly important browse species in the plains states.