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Synonyms for chokecherry

the fruit of the chokecherry tree

a common wild cherry of eastern North America having small bitter black berries favored by birds

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Most label problems occurred in the past with the wild fruit wines, such as chokecherry or wild buffaloberry.
Chokecherry trees, wild plum bushes, medicine herbs, wild berries, vegetables and roots are encroached upon by the development, farming and ranching that overrode wild prairie.
In that play was a line about somebody cooking something called a chokecherry parfait for her character.
Specialty foods companies that will be featured include: Philadelphia Pretzel Company (soft pretzels); Montana's Tasty Baking Big Sky Country (tasty-cake); Huckleberry Haven (gourmet huckleberry and chokecherry products) in Kalispell, Mont.
Barbara Zucker's steel tracery of a muscled back might as well be Sethe's chokecherry tree, and likewise the muscle outlines beaded onto Amelia Lavin's Tigress.
The Chokecherry Jelly is a magenta-colored floral treat.
After picking up her ribbons (another one for her chokecherry jelly),
Less common trees include Emory oak (Quercus emoryi), Arizona ash (Fraxinus velutina) and southwestern chokecherry (Prunus serotina).
Common shrub species in green ash woodlands include chokecherry (Prunus virginiana), Saskatoon serviceberry (Amelanchier alnifolia), American plum (Prunus americana) and western snowberry (Symphoricarpos occidentalis).
Larvae feeding on chokecherry were more likely to continue development and produce a second generation than were larvae feeding on red maple or black ash: paper birch was intermediate in diapause induction [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Unlike the typical stand of lodgepole pine or spruce, an aspen thicket has three or four layers of vegetation, from small trees like chokecherry and juniper down through shrubs like serviceberry, snowberry and buffaloberry to a rich understory of wildflowers, grasses and sedges.
The result is a tantalizing array of eminently edible concoctions: nettle noodles, dandelion quiche, cattail-pollen pancakes, milkweed-flower fritters, chokecherry syrup, and black-walnut toffee, to name but a few.
Black cherry, American cherry, cabinet cherry, rum cherry, whisky cherry, chokecherry, wild black cherry and wild cherry.
His novels written under the name Feike Feikema include The Golden Bowl (1944), about Midwest farmers; Boy Almighty (1945), based on his sanitorium bout with tuberculosis; This Is the Year (1947), another farm novel; The Chokecherry Tree (1948, revised 1961), about a boy at odds with his surroundings; and the trilogy World's Wanderer, comprising The Primitive (1949), The Brother (1950), and The Giant (1951), about a young man's search for identity from his farm home to a college like Calvin to New York and return.